Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

The Few, The Proud, The A.I.Marine Hulks!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Hulk preview, we turn the spotlight to some of the soldiers associated with Advanced Idea Mechanics, better known as the terrorist organization A.I.M.! Let’s take a closer look at the A.I.Marine!

At 50 points, the A.I.Marine leaves plenty of room available for many forces, particularly those utilizing the A.I.M., Intelligencia, and Soldier keywords.  Speaking of soldiers, the A.I.Marine is an elite combatant who has Running Shot on his first two clicks to quickly get into position and attack. He also has the Swim combat ability, which allows him to treat water terrain as if it were clear grounded terrain when moving!

When it comes to weapons and armor, the A.I.Marine is equipped with cutting-edge gear that is represented on his dial via Energy Explosion and Toughness! The A.I.Marine also has a range of six and the Hydra team ability to lower the defenses of opposing characters. Once the A.I.Marine is off his first click, he retains Energy Explosion but switches defensively to Combat Reflexes.

On the back half of the A.I.Marine’s dial is Shape Change to represent his exposure to Gamma radiation. The A.I.Marine also has an alter ego special power, A.I.Marine Hulk, which allows him to transform into the formidable A.I.Marine Hulk!

The A.I.Marine Hulk is a 92-point Red Hulk version of its former self and possesses the A.I.M., Brute, Intelligencia, and Soldier keywords!

When the A.I.Marine Hulk comes into play, he has Charge on his first two clicks to rush into close combat. He then switches to two clicks of Leap/Climb to either escape from danger or reposition himself.  The A.I.Marine Hulk gains one more click of Charge before wrapping up opposing characters with two clicks of Plasticity at the end of his dial.

Like other Hulks, the A.I.Marine Hulk has Super Strength for most of his dial, which allows him to clobber enemy figures with objects for added damage! Defensively, the A.I.Marine Hulk can’t seem to make up its mind and alternates between Invulnerability and Toughness until its last two clicks, when it sticks with Toughness.

The A.I.Marine Hulk has a special power in its damage slot for its first three clicks, Hulk Platoon! This power boosts the A.I.Marine Hulk’s attack value by +1 for each adjacent friendly character named A.I.Marine or A.I.Marine Hulk. Hulk Platoon also boosts the A.I.Marine Hulk’s damage value by +1 for each set of two adjacent friendly characters named A.I.Marine or A.I.Marine Hulk! On the back half of the A.I.Marine Hulk’s dial, he alternates between Exploit Weakness and Close Combat Expert.

That’s all we have for today but join us next time when we visit with a devilishly delightful denizen of the Savage Land! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!