Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

The Doctor Is In!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we look to a long time friend and ally of both Bruce Banner and the Hulk, the psychiatrist to X-Factor, and a man who recently helped the Intelligencia create the Red Hulk! We are of course talking about Doc Samson!

The first thing worth noting about Doc Samson is his Deprogramming trait.  Give Doc Samson a power action and choose another friendly character within 4 squares and line of fire, now that character can’t be targeted by Outwit or Perplex! 

Doc Samson’s dial starts out in good Gamma-irradiated fashion with Leap/Climb to maneuver into position, Super Strength to grab an object on the way with which to pummel a foe, and Invulnerability to protect him from the inevitable counterattack. On Samson’s second click, he switches to a long string of Toughness to protect himself asPerplex makes it’s only appearance on his dial.

Mid dial, Doc Samson shows that even though he is “hulked out”, he keeps his wits about him as demonstrated by his special power, Psychological Trickery.  This special power allows Doc Samson to useMind Control with a +1 to his attack.  After this action successfully resolves, Doc Samson can then use Perplex and Outwit on that figure!

Late dial, Doc Samson reveals a secret he has long kept from his friends, that of another personality within him known as Samson! Doc Samson gains Charge, and Super Strength returns to his dial as he moves to attack his opponents. Once there, Invulnerability again protects him while Close Combat Expert shows how savage this new personality is!

At 108 points and with a good selection of keywords and the ability to offer some protection from a couple of favorite support powers, Doc Samson is ready to provide his counsel to many team builds.

Thanks for reading and join us next time as we continue our previews from the upcoming Hulk set! Until then, keep your dials off their KO clicks!