Heroclix Preview Superman

The “Bizarro” Bizarro!

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

We continue our preview series of the Superman Organized Play Kit with this latest limited edition figure spotlight.  Today we have an oft-misunderstood denizen of the Underverse, Zibarro!

Zibarro was happy to help Superman get away from the insanity that plagued life on Bizarro-World, and what better way to represent that than with his Escape From the Underverse special power? This special power allows Zibarro to modify the speed value of any adjacent friendly character with the Flight ability by +2! Get a little extra mileage out of your chracters, or even potentially negate the carrying penalty when someone takes Zibarro (or another frinedly figure) for a ride! And if you do carry Zibarro to another spot on the map, make sure to get the most of his early-dial Outwit!

Initially Zibarro is protected from some harm thanks to Toughness, but mid- to late-dial he gains both Willpower and Exploit Weakness as he demonstrates his tenacity and resourcefulness.

At only 54 points and weaker than both Superman and Bizarro, Zibarro won’t be on the front lines but he is an excellent support piece for your force thanks to his Escape From the Underverse special power, Outwit, and the Superman Ally Team ability (great for the Wildcards on your team)!

That’s all we have for but be sure to check out our Facebook page for yet another sneak-peek into the Superman Organized Play Kit, as we count down the remaining week until Superman releases everywhere!