Stealth and Guile – A Legion of Super Heroes Preview!

Published on August 31st, 2011

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our journey into the 30th Century with our latest Legion of Super Heroes preview.  We are pleased to present to you all Jacques Foccart, the Invisible Kid!

In the case of Invisible Kid, “what you may not see” is exactly what he brings to your team! A full dial of Stealth courtesy of his Full Invisibility trait would be a great way to represent his camouflaging abilities, but there’s more! If Invisible Kid has no action tokens on him, no line of fire can be drawn to him at all! The Superman Ally team ability and similar powers or abilities won’t help those trying to find the Invisible Kid!

Invisible Kid’s bag of tricks doesn’t end there though! His Shared Invisibility special power allows him to do just that; as a free action each turn Invisible Kid confers Stealth upon a friendly figure with the Legion of Super Heroes keyword once per turn, so long as that figure remains adjacent to Invisible Kid.

While not one of the Legion’s heavy hitters, Incapacitate and Perplex allows Invisible Kid to help his teammates nonetheless as he finds ways to trip up their opponents.  Late-dial Phasing/Teleport also gives Invisible Kid the opportunity to manuever both himself and others (if he carries them) to where they’ll do the most good while avoiding the dictates of walls or blocking terrain.

A short range of 3 and the Legion of Super Heroes team ability allow Invisible Kid to surprise his foes still more as he attacks from seemingly out of nowhere while his team ability copies those of friendly figures.  At 53 points, the Invisible Kid is an excellent support piece for your other Legionairres, and his all clear sculpt will serve as a visual reminder as to how good he is at his job!

Next up we have fellow Legion of Super Heroes member and resident all-around smart guy, Brainiac 5!

At only 88 points, Brainiac 5 brings the full capability of his incredible knowledge and sceintific acumen to your teams! Brainiac 5’s Tweflth Level Intellect special power allows him to use Outwit and once per turn you may select to either use Perplex or Probability Control until your next turn as well!  Brainiac 5 is ready to adapt to the changing needs of your force’s strategies every turn!

Brainiac 5’s abilities don’t end there though, as he also displays his most famous invention courtesy of his Force Field Belt special power! Brainiac 5’s Force Field Belt grants him Invulnerability but also allows him to grant Toughness to one friendly figure so long as they have the Legion of the Super Heroes keyword and remain adjacent to Brainiac 5.  Talk about teamwork!

Late-dial Brainiac 5 picks up first standard Probability Control and then Outwit as he continues to display the mental faculties that make him such a valued asset to his fellow Legionairres, while Energy Shield/Deflection may represent his overtaxed Force Field Belt (no longer able to shrug off damage but still deflecting ranged attacks somewhat).

Both Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid continue a new trend within the Legion of Super Heroes figures that allows them to potentially share powers or abilities with their fellow Legionairres, and represent a new way to find synergy within your team builds! The Legion of Super Heroes team ability further enhances their usefullness as they wildcard the team abilities of other friendly figures as well!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview as much as we, and we will be sure to continue our tour of the 30th Century later this week as we check in with a fellow Legionairre with strong ties to the Legion of Super Heroes, the legacy of Opal City, and the Justice Society of America! Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!

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