Captain America Heroclix Preview

Sling and Stone!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our look at the Secret Warriors with a pair that has both speed and strength on its side.  Today’s preview begins with the heroic daughter of the villainous Griffin; Yo-Yo Rodriguez, better know as Slingshot!

Y0-Yo Rodriguez is the Secret Warriors’ resdient speedster and serves as the unit’s scout and first-srtike commando.  Gifted with super-speed, Slingshot can use Hypersonic Speed by means of her Bounceback special power.  However, true to the comics, she must end her burst of super-speed where she began her sprint, otherwise she suffers great pain (in the form of one unavoidable damage).

Super Senses represents her superhuman reflexes and ability to avoid being the target of an opposing attack, and towards her mid-dial Slingshot exchanges her Bounceback special power for Flurry as she stands her ground and pummels her foes with fast attacks!

At only 50 points, Slingshot is a great harasser piece to use against your opponents behind their front lines! What she lacks in strength, she makes up for in speed! And if strength is what you’re looking for, look no further than the son of Absorbing Man and Slingshot’s teammate, Stonewall!

Stonewall begins the battle by rushing at his foes via Charge, while most likely grabbing a light or heavy object on the way via Super Strength and smashing his opponent with it! As the son of the Absorbing Man, Stonewall is able to take on the properties of his surroundings and his Abosrbing the Environment special power represents this nicely! If Stonewall finds himself in clear terrain, he uses Toughness while if he should be in hindering terrain, he instead uses Invulnerability! Shape Change further represents Stonewall’s ability to mimic his environment’s properties and demonstrates how he uses his surroundings to his advantage.

Toward his late-dial, Stonewall’s Absorbing the Environment special power is replaced with standard Toughness as his endurance is not as limitless as his father’s (yet!).

At only 62 points, Stonewall is a great secondary or tertiary attacker and is well-suited for close-combat tasks.  While his fellow Secret Warriors may prefer to strike from a distance or use hit and run tactics, Stonewall would rather stand toe-to-toe with his opponents and beat them down!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest addition to the Secret Warriors roster.  Join us for our next preview as we spotlight the daughter of none other than Mister Hyde, and the grandson of the original Phantom Rider!