Captain America Heroclix Preview

Russian Bear-Hug!

Due to the Independence Day holiday, we have a special guest correspondent reporting today’s preview.  Please welcome Sergei Grigonyeauvich! We let Sergei select today’s preview, hopefully he has chosen well!


Greetings Comrade HeroClix Fans!

Today we are having most spectacular preview to be showing you! It is most glorious day to share with you very special HeroClix. Please to be enjoying Ursa Major!

Ursa Major is one tough customer, da? He is starting with Charge and moving in to attack enemies of Motherland, while Invulnerability and Shape Change are helping against retaliatory attacks. Ursa Major is then having Super Strength to be grabbing objects and smashing his targets!

Mid-dial, Ursa Major is then using Super Senses to evade attacks, and Battle Fury is giving Ursa Major ability to be ignoring other figure’s Shape Change and he is not susceptible to enemies’ Mind Control or Incapacitate attacks!

Towards end of dial, Ursa Major has increased durability from Toughness and is using Charge again, but this time with Blades/Claws/Fangs as Ursa Major is attacking with his big claws and teeth!

At 102 points, Ursa Major is wonderful addition for your team. Ursa Major is working hard for you to be making your force a success and reflecting well on the Motherland! Let Ursa Major be joining your next team and help to be bringing great victory for you!

We are hoping you enjoy today’s preview. Be sure to be joining us later this week when we spotlight proud son of Motherland and champion of Russian people! Until then, be keeping your HeroClix off their K.O.’s!