Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

Punisher’s War Journal, November 2nd…

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today, we continue our trip through the underbelly of the Marvel Universe as we continue our spotlight on the Punisher. When last we saw our anti-hero he had just used his Weapon Swap trait to change from his Handgun to his Assault Rifle.


The Punisher begins play with a slightly longer range and 2 targets instead of 1. Combat Reflexes will make him harder to hit if you choose to tie up an opposing figure to take advantage of the Punisher’s Sharpshooter ability. Next on his dial, the Punisher gains Running Shot to keep him mobile or base other opposing figures while still making range attacks. Defensively, Toughness will absorb some punishment, while Willpower shows the Punisher’s never give up attitude.

Late dial, the Punisher picks up Exploit Weakness to make sure damage is dealt to even the most durable of foes, while Energy Explosion allows him to take the most advantage of his 2 targets.  Combat Reflexes, Willpower and Toughness all make another appearance on the back half of the Punisher’s dial.

As a master of military tactics, the Punisher realizes that sometimes it is necessary to engage an opponent with a bit more distance. Employing his Weapon Swap trait yet again, the Punisher reaches into his arsenal to pull out his Sniper Rifle. What can the Punisher do with a Sniper Rifle? Join us on Friday to find out!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to join us later this week as we continue to explore the next Marvel HeroClix expansion, the Incredible Hulk!