Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

The X-Men’s Mutant Master of Magnetism: Magneto!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

The subject of today’s Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary preview is a man who has been one of the X-Men’s oldest foes and has at times been one of the group’s strongest allies.  Please welcome the master of magnetism, Magneto!


First we’ll start with a version of Magneto that reflects his early appearances in HeroClix.  This Magneto (#015) starts with a range of 8 and a click of Running Shot to help him bring the fight to the Homo Sapiens.  Defensively, Magneto’s dial starts with a click of Impervious as his magnetic shields protect him from harm while Leadership shows in his damage slot.

Once Magneto is off his first click, he loses Running Shot but gains three clicks of Pulse Wave in his attack slot.  Defensively, he downgrades from Impervious to two clicks of Invulnerability.  On Magneto’s last Pulse Wave click his defensive power drops even further to Toughness, which he retains for two clicks.

On Magneto’s last two clicks, he stands his ground although there’s no guarantee his opponents will do the same: In his movement slot he gains Force Blast while Quake occupies his attack slot.  Outwit is in his damage slots, which represents the wisdom he’s gained through age.  Toughness makes way for Barrier on his last click.

This version of Magneto hits the map at 113 points and has the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability and keyword.  He also has the Acolytes, Ruler, and X-Men keywords.  Like other characters in the Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set, Magneto has a Battlefield Promotion trait that allows him to transform into his Modern Age version.  When #015 Magneto hits one or more opposing characters, you may place a Promotion Token on his character card after actions resolve.  You may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on the character card.  If the result is 8 or higher, #015 Magneto may be replaced with #019 Magneto on the same click number!


This version of Magneto can be played at 250 or 125 points.  The figure also hits the battle map with a trait, Magnetic DebrisMagneto begins the game without the Magnetic Debris attached.  We’ll discuss how the Magnetic Debris attaches itself to Magneto shortly.  In the meantime, let’s talk about what Magneto gains when the Magnetic Debris is attached:  With the Magnetic Debris attached, Magneto modifies his defense and damage values by +1 and when he is hit b a close combat attack, the attacker is dealt 1 unavoidable damage after the attack is resolved.  The Magnetic Debris remains attached to Magneto until he takes damage from an opponent’s attack.

Magneto begins his dial with a range of eight and can target two characters.  He starts with Running Shot in his movement slot and a special power, Master of Magnetism, in his damage slot.  Master of Magnetism appears on all but Magneto’s last two clicks and allows him to use Pulse Wave and Quake.  When he uses either power and hits, you may attach the Magnetic Debris to him.  Running Shot appears on all but Magneto’s second and sixth clicks.

Telekinesis occupies Magneto’s attack slot and also appears on all but his last two clicks.  Defensively, Magneto starts with three clicks of Invulnerability, then follows up with three clicks of Toughness to show that he is naturally strong.  On Magneto’s last two clicks, Toughness makes way for Willpower as he keeps fighting for a cause which he feels is righteous.  In his attack slot he gains Ranged Combat Expert to remind others that he’s most dangerous when focused on one opponent.  However, he can deal with multiple adjacent opponents by using Quake on his last click.

The Modern Age Magneto has the same keywords as his #015 counterpart and also possesses the Hellfire Club and New Mutants keywords.  Instead of the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability, #019 Magneto has the X-Men team ability!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary preview when we crash a closed poker party hosted by a palooka with a clever catchphrase.  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!