DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

The Vehicles of DC HeroClix: Batman – The Batwing!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Sometimes the Caped Crusader needs to fly the not-so-friendly skies in his ongoing campaign against crime.  For today’s DC HeroClix: Batman preview, we are pleased to bring to you the vehicle in which Batman conducts his aerial crime fighting, the Batwing!


The Batwing rests on a 2 x 4 base and, like other vehicles in the DC HeroClix: Batman set, can be played in Autopilot and Piloted modes.  The Batwing has plenty of theme team options with the Batman Family, Gotham City and Vehicle keywords.

When using the Autopilot dial, the Batwing comes in at 72 points and can carry three characters.  The Batwing also has a range of 7 and has one target for its ranged attacks.

The Batwing’s Autopilot dial begins with Running Shot in its speed slot.  This power returns to the Batwing’s dial on its third, sixth, and eighth clicks.  In its attack slot, the Batwing begins with a five-click run of Energy Explosion in its attack slot.  Energy Explosion returns for a short run on the Batwing’s ninth click.  Defensively, the Batwing starts with three clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection as it uses the clouds as cover, then switches mid-dial to its kinetic defense armor (Toughness).  Energy Shield/Deflection returns toward the end of the Batwing’s dial.

Let’s take a look now at the Piloted version of the Batwing!


The Piloted Batwing comes into play at 144 points but can carry two characters.  It still maintains a range of 8 but increases its targets to two.

The Piloted Batwing comes with two Pilot Abilities.  The first Pilot Ability, Airdrop, requires that the pilot have the Batman Ally or Outsiders team abilities.  When the Batwing uses the Carry ability, it can place carried characters in any square it moves through during the move.  This differs from the normal use of Carry, which requires the carried characters to be placed when the movement ends for the action.

Overwatch is the second Pilot Ability and requires that the pilot be named Alfred Pennyworth, Batman, Lady Blackhawk, Metamorpho, Nightwing or Red Robin.  When an opposing character 6 or fewer squares from the Batwing deals damage to it or any other friendly character, mark the opposing character with an Overwatch token (if it isn’t already marked).  Until the end of your next turn, any friendly character attacking a character marked with an Overwatch token modifies their attack value by +1.

The Batwing Piloted dial begins with three clicks of Running Shot as it swoops into position then attacks from range.  Running Shot returns for another three-click run on click nine.

In its attack slot, the Batwing Piloted dial starts with a long run of a special power called Rooftop Scanners.  This special power modifies the Batwing’s attack value by +1 when it targets characters that can use the Flight ability and characters occupying elevated terrain.  Rooftop Scanners is followed on the Batwing’s Piloted dial by a long run of Energy Explosion.

The Piloted Batwing opens its defensive slot with two clicks of Super Senses as it performs evasive maneuvers to evade attacks.  Super Senses is followed by a short run of Energy Shield/Deflection, which also appears toward the end of the Piloted Batwing’s dial.  Sandwiched between those runs of Energy Shield/Deflection are five clicks of Toughness.

Mid-dial, the Batwing’s Piloted dial picks up Ranged Combat Expert in its damage slot as it makes tactical strikes against its targets.

Thanks for joining us!  Please come back next time as we reveal more secrets from upcoming HeroClix releases!  Until then, fasten your seat belts, make sure your seats and trays are in their upright positions, and thank you for flying with WizKids!