DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

The Vehicles of DC HeroClix: Batman – G.C.P.D. Cruiser!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back to another Vehicle preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set.  Today we look at the transport of choice of the Gotham City Police Department, the GCPD Cruiser!


As with the other Vehicles previewed from the DC HeroClix: Batman release, GCPD Cruiser can be played in one of two ways, Autopilot at 52 points, or Piloted for 68 points.  Either way, the GCPD Cruiser possesses the Gotham City, Police and Vehicle keywords, as well as the Police team ability.

The Autopilot version of GCPD Cruiser possesses a 5 range and is able to carry 2 passengers.  Initially, the  GCPD Cruiser  enjoys a couple clicks of Toughness, as well as an opening click of Enhancement (which always pairs very nicely with the Police team ability).

On its second click, GCPD Cruiser gains the Tactical Response special power which allows the use of Perplex as long as the target is adjacent to the GCPD Cruiser. Depending on how one maneuvers the GCPD Cruiser, it will have its share of targets for the Tactical Response special power due to its 2 x 4 base size on the map.

Mid- to late-dial the GCPD Cruiser gains Willpower, allowing it to act without fear of pushing damage for the rest of its dial.  On its last two clicks, GCPD Cruiser exchanges the Tactical Response special for the return of Enhancement. 

The Piloted version of GCPD Cruiser possesses a 6 range and may carry one passenger.  GCPD Cruiser begins play being able to ignore push damage thanks to Willpower, and begins play with the Tactical Response special power, again allowing it to use Perplex on adjacent characters.

Mid-dial, as the GCPD Cruiser loses Willpower, Enhancement appears for a few clicks.  After this, the Tactical Response special power returns for the remainder of its dial, and finally three clicks of Incapacitate rounds out the dial of GCPD Cruiser.

GCPD Cruiser possesses two Pilot abilities.  The first is Clear the Streets, and this ability has a prerequisite of either the Gotham City keyword or the Police team ability.  Once per turn, when GCPD Cruiser passes through a square occupied by an opposing carrier, immediately place that character in a square within 3 squares and line of fire to its current square and deal it 1 unavoidable damage, then complete GCPD Cruiser’s movement.

The second ability is Cuffed to the Bumper, and the prerequisite for this ability are a figure with either “GCPD’’ or Gordan” in its name.   GCPD Cruiser can use Plasticity; characters that automatically break away or ignore characters for movement purposes do not automatically break away or ignore GCPD Cruiser for movement purposes.

Both abilities allow the GCPD Cruiser’s controller to manipulate and control the battleground as they maneuver the GCPD Cruiser around the map.  The ability to move opposing figures (Clear the Streets) and potentially tie up figures who normally ignore other characters for breakaway (Cuffed to the Bumper) can really throw a monkey wrench into the opposing team’s plans! Consider also the Tactical Response special power and the Police team ability, and the Piloted GCPD Cruiser is an excellent addition to your force at only 68 points!

Thanks for joining us for this latest Vehicle preview! Be sure to check back soon as we preview a WildC.A.T. from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set who has spent more time in the back of police cruisers than he cares to admit.  Until then, keep those Clix off their K.O.s!