Chaos War Preview

The Mighty Avenger – Thor!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War by visiting a mortal physician with a thunderous secret identity.  We are pleased to bring you Dr. Donald Blake!


Donald Blake has spent most of his life as a doctor, and showing his skill is his trait, Doctor, Not a Fighter, which makes it so his combat abilities can’t be modified.   Donald Blake shows his medical training skills with a full dial of Support, which backed by printed 11 and 10 attack values, should succeed to heal a friendly character on most, if not all attempts.  Donald Blake has a slow movement value due to being partially disabled and using a walking stick to get around.

Donald Blake has the Avengers keyword, making him an inexpensive way to fill points on a theme team, or at 33 points, be a cheap, efficient medic on any force you choose include him.

But, should this not be enough, from his second click on, Donald Blake may tap his walking stick twice to transform himself using his special power, Alter Ego: Thor, God of Lightning!   “Give Donald Blake a power action that deals no pushing damage and replace this character with Chaos War #038 Thor, Chaos War #202 Thor, or Chaos War Fast Forces #002 Thor on its orange starting line. After actions resolve, even if this power is lost, deal 1 damage to each adjacent opposing character. This power can’t be countered.”

For 33 points, Thor comes into play via the Alter Ego ability using Running Shot with his 8 range to take the fight to your opponent!  Toughness provides damage reduction on both clicks.  Thor has a special power on his first of two clicks called Summon Asgardian Blizzard, which says, “Characters with the Standard or Tiny Size combat abilities can’t target characters 7 or more squares away.  Modify all other characters speed values by -2 if they begin an action within 6 squares of Thor.

Or, you can choose to field Thor for his full 200 points instead of using Alter Ego to get him into the game.  This version of Thor is a pretty straight forward bruiser.  He begins play with a long stretch of Charge, as he is always willing to engage a foe up close and personal.  Super Strength will allow Thor to grab whatever objects are around as he moves about the battle field and attacks his foes.  An opening click of Impervious protects Thor from counter attacks.  On his second click, Thor picks up his special power Summon Asgardian Blizzard for a good stretch of his dial.  This provides Thor and his allies some measure of board control to be able to set up.  Invulnerability becomes his damage reducer of choice for a few clicks.

Mid-dial, Thor trades Super Strength for Quake as he moves to knock opposing characters back.  Or he can continue to use Charge or his 8 range, as his dial sees his damage top out at a printed 5 in this stretch. As his damage and attack values go down a bit, so does his damage reduction, as he now has a few clicks of Toughness. 

Late dial, Thor sees his combat values all raise again. Toughness gives way to another click of Invulnerability, before going back to Toughness to finish out his dial.  Hypersonic Speed shows up for two clicks, as Thor pushes himself to fight the good fight!  This is followed by his only click of Running Shot, as he attempts to finish off his opponents.  Thor also sees one more click of his Summon Asgardian Blizzard special power.

Thor has a good selection of keywords to choose from, including Asgardian, Avengers, Deity and Warrior.  The Avengers team ability will see that Thor’s move actions do not count toward your action total.   The ability to move and attack on nearly every click, as well as get past damage reducers without penetrating damage, and aggressive attack values and powers will make Thor a force to be reckoned with on any team build you put him on!

Thanks for joining us, and be sure to come back next week as we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set!