Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics III: Tactical Borg Cube 138!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

And welcome back as we continue to explore the upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series IIIToday we take a look at one of the most ruthless foes the Federation has ever encountered, the Borg.  Specifically, we take a look at Tactical Cube 138!


Let’s take a look at the top of the dial on Tactical Cube 138, and see what it brings to the table.  First, Tactical Cube 138 comes on a 2×2 base, and can be played at 3 different point levels, 800, 600 or 300 points.  It has the Borg team ability, allowing it to put an assimilation token on each hit target, and with a long 9 range with two targets, it should be able to get a lot of assimilation tokens into play.  For combat abilities, it has the Flier combat ability, a must for fling around in space.  Tactical Cube 138 also has the Sharpshooter combat ability, allowing it to make range combat attacks against adjacent opposing figures, or to ignore other opposing figures when making range attacks.  The Indomitable combat ability will allow it to ignore a click of pushing damage at can us Willpower.  And lastly, as the size the dial represents, Tactical Cube 138 has the Colossal combat ability, allowing it to break away automatically, to make range combat attacks out of adjacency, and to continue to act when it has two action tokens, at the cost of a click of unavoidable damage.

This last item on the dial top is a trait called Assimilation Underway, which allows Tactical Cube 138 to use the Multiattack ability, as long as one of the actions is an attack on a ship marked with an Assimilation token.   Now, let’s have a look at the dial.

Tactical Cube 138 begins play being able to attack almost anywhere it wants with a couple opening clicks of Hypersonic Speed.  Coupled with printed attack values of 13 and 14, and a printed 7 damage, will all but ensure the targets feel the wrath of the Borg.  Defensively, Invincible will half whatever damage is dealt in retaliation.  On its second click, Tactical Cube 138 gains a long string of Outwit, allowing it to deprive an opposing figure of a key power.   On the next four clicks, Tactical Cube 138 maintains the same power set, as it will now utilize Running Shot to move and attack opposing figures.  And making sure there are plenty of targets to get the most use out of its Multiattack ability, Pulse Wave will ensure a lot of Assimilation tokens are on opposing vessels.  Impervious will allow Tactical Cube 138 to reduce damage, if not avoid it altogether.

At this point in the dial is the 600 point starting line, and it starts like the last section, with two opening clicks of Hypersonic Speed.  This time, Impervious will provide defensive protection for Tactical Cube 138.  The next click in brings another string of Outwit.  Click number 9 sees the return of Running Shot and Pulse Wave.  Another click in sees a new damage reducer, this time Invulnerability.  Click number 11 brings two more powers to the dial for the first time.  First, Phasing/Teleport will allow Tactical Cube 138 to reposition with ease.  And Range Combat Expert will allow Tactical Cube 138 to modify attack and or damage as necessary to ensure an opposing figure takes damage.  And click number 12 brings a run of the only special power to Tactical Cube 138’s dial, called Assimilation Target Shields, which makes it so any damage dealt by Tactical Cube 138 is penetrating.

This brings us to the 300 point starting line of Tactical Cube 138.  This section of the dial begins with a couple clicks of Running Shot, and continues on with the Assimilation Target Shields special power.   Impervious will again protect Tactical Cube 138 for a small stretch.   On click number 15, Running Shot will be replaced by Phasing/Teleport for a good length of dial.  For nearly the same bit of dial, Outwit will again allow Tactical Cube 138 to relive an opposing vessel of a key power.   The next click will again give the ability to give out lots of damage, and Assimilation tokens, with the return of Pulse Wave, while Invulnerability will protect it for the same stretch.   The next section of the dial has some solid damage potential with printed 4 and 3 damages.   At this point, Range Combat Expert returns for the rest of the dial, and a new power also comes onto the dial for the first time, Blades/Claws/Fangs.  But, if being this deep into the dial without the benefit of damage reduction or avoidance is not to your liking, four consecutive clicks of Regeneration has the potential to put Tactical Cube 138 back into its last click of Impervious. 

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III preview when we look at pioneering starship that just so happens to be the first to bear an iconic name.  Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s and your phasers set to fun!