Chaos War Preview

Secret Avengers Foes – Max Fury and Shadow Council Soldier!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we risk life and limb to infiltrate a secret organization premiering in Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War.  We are pleased to present you all with the Shadow Council Soldier!


As the minions of the Shadow Council, Shadow Council Soldier has been hiding for decades, and this is represented with a full dial of Stealth.  Shadow Council Soldier also has a full dial of a special power in his damage slot called We Keep the Council’s Secret.  This special power allows Shadow Council Soldier to modify his damage by +1 if a friendly character named Max Fury is within 8 squares.

Shadow Council Soldier begins play with a couple of clicks of Toughness to provide some damage reduction.  Shadow Council Soldier closes out the last three clicks of his dial with Energy Explosion, which when combined with his 5 range, can help soften up groups of foes.

Additionally, Shadow Council Soldier has the Hydra team ability to help their attack value when adjacent to other Shadow Council Soldier (or Max Fury).  Shadow Council Soldier possesses the Shadow Council and Soldier keywords (nice, huh?).  At 32 points, Shadow Council Soldier will be an efficient use of points on any force.

Next up on our report of the Shadow Council is a high ranking official and rouge Nick Fury LMD who gained sentience, Max Fury!


As he is a LMD of the original Nick Fury, Max Fury knows Everything That Nick Knows, which he uses to deny opposing figures the use of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team ability through his trait.  As with the Shadow Council Soldier, Max Fury begins play hiding in the shadows with two opening clicks of Stealth.  From his hiding spot, Max Fury can use his Outwit to best benefit his force.  As most opponents will have to base him to attack him, Combat Reflexes will make this harder for them.

Mid-dial, Max Fury uses his robot strength to be able to escape to position himself better, or lock down an opposing figure with Plasticity.  Should Max Fury choose to attack his foe, Steal Energy will allow him to heal a click.  Toughness shows the durability of his robot body and will provide some protection.

On the end of his dial, Max Fury continues to use Steal Energy to heal when making close combat attacks.  When not based, Range Combat Expert will allow him to use his 6 range to attack a foe with additional damage.   On his last click, Mastermind can potentially keep him in the game longer, which should be fairly easy with Shadow Council Soldiers around him to take advantage of their Hydra team ability, which he also possesses.

Max Fury has the Indomitable combat ability to keep him acting with no fear of pushing damage.  Max Fury possesses the Robot, Shadow Council, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Zodiac keywords to give him plenty of theme team options.  At 69 points, Max Fury will be a solid secondary attacker and support piece on many team builds.

Thank you for joining us for our latest sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel HeroClix release, Chaos War.  Be sure to join us later this week as we continue to spotlight upcoming HeroClix products.  Until the, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!