Chaos War Preview

Mighty Avenger and God of War – Ares!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

In today’s preview from the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set, we take a look at a Mighty and Dark Avenger, with sympathies toward Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors due to his son being on that team.   He is the God of War, Ares!


As the God of War, Ares can inspire his allies as well as demoralize his foes.  This is represented with his trait, Presence of the God of War, allowing him to modify adjacent friendly characters attack value by +1, as well as adjacent opposing characters attack value by -1.  On his first click, Ares gets a battle started with Running Shot, as he takes the action to your opponent with a 7 range and 2 targets, as well as a printed 4 damage.  Impervious will protect Ares for the first third of his dial.  After this opening click, Ares can use Charge to move to another fight, this time with his printed 3 damage or opting to use his big axe in the form of Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Once in position, and depending on the outcome of his last attack, Ares may now use the special power in his damage slot, Master of All Weapons, allowing him to use either Close Combat Expert or Range Combat Expert, as well as denying the use of which ever power he used to his opponents force until your next turn.  This power also can’t be countered by a character of 100 points or less.

On his third click, Ares again has Running Shot, as well as his Master of All Weapons special power.  Mid-dial, on his forth click, Ares again is able to use Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs with the added benefit of Exploit Weakness, to ensure however much damage he does will go through.  This power set will remain through this stretch of dial, with Ares being able to reduce damage with Invulnerability.

At the end of his dial, Ares sees the return of Master of All Weapons.  Toughness is his damage reducer at this point.  Ares has the ability to heal himself a bit in this stretch of his dial as Steal Energy is on the rest of his clicks as well.

Ares possesses the Indomitable combat ability, allowing him to use act without fear of pushing. Ares has plenty of keywords to offer options for building named or generic theme teams with Avengers, Dark Avengers, Deity, Soldier and Warrior.  At 199 points, Ares will have room to include support figures in a low point game.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week when we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set.  Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!