Chaos War Preview

Master of Evil and Avengers Foe – Black Knight!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War preview takes us to a deceased member of the Masters of Evil. Denied the hereditary right to wield his family’s fabled Ebony Blade, Nathan Garrett used technology to become the original (and villainous!) Black Knight!

Black Knight begins play maneuvering onto the battlefield with Running Shot and the Flight ability (thanks to his genetically-modified flying horse).  Two opening clicks of  Penetrating/Psychic Blast enable the Black Knight to strike at his opponents’ weak spots with penetrating damage, and then on his second click Black Knight shows off his intellect as a former professor in the form of Outwit. 

Mid-dial, Black Knight demonstrates the more common use for a lance as he and his winged horse use Charge to engage his foes in close combat.  Blades/Claws/Fangs makes Black Knight all the deadlier in melee, while Outwit makes a second appearance on his dial enabling him to penetrate his enemies’ defenses, or counter a more a vital power or ability.  However, mid- to late-dial the Black Knight has been knocked from his steed, represented by Earthbound for the rest of his dial.

At the end of his dial, Black Knight maintains both Earthbound and Toughness, and gains a couple of clicks of Energy Explosion. Black Knight’s armor is represented by nearly a full dial of Toughness, but onn his last click, Black Knight trades damage reduction for force of will as he has Willpower. 

Black Knight possesses the Armor, Masters of Evil, and Scientist keywords, providing him with some solid theme team building options.  Black Knight also has the Masters of Evil team ability, providing him the ability to act every turn as long as you wish to push him.  For 95 points, Black Knight will be a solid investment on whatever force you wish to include him on.

Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to come back next Friday when our Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set previews continue with a Kree-empowered Avenger!