Marvel HeroClix: X-Men - Days of Future Past Preview

Marvel HeroClix X-Men Days of Future Present: Senator Robert Kelly!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we continue to explore the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past set.  Today we look at the catalyst of this time-spanning event, as we look at the target of Mystique’s Brotherhood of  Mutants assassination attempt on Senator Robert Kelly, to stop his Mutant Registration Act from becoming law.


Believing Mutants are as dangerous as any weapon a human can wield, Senator Robert Kelly wishes to see them registered, so they can be monitored and tracked.  He proposes the Mutant Registration ActThis trait tells you to choose a keyword possessed by an opposing figure during your first turn.  As long as Senator Robert Kelly is on the map, opposing characters with that keyword can’t ignore pushing damage, and if they have two action tokens, they can’t use Outwit or Perplex.  If he is KO’d by an opposing character with that keyword, all friendly figures with it are healed of one damage.

Senator Robert Kelly proves he has the strength to do what’s right with a full dial of Willpower.  Senator Robert Kelly also has a useful support power on each click of his dial to help out his team.   As he has a zero range value, each power will be set at its minimum of 6 squares from Senator Robert Kelly.  First, Outwit will deprive an opposing figure of a key power.  Next, Perplex will allow him to modify one combat value by + or – 1.  Then, Probability Control will allow him to force a reroll once per turn.  And finally, Senator Robert Kelly ends where he began with Outwit.

Senator Robert Kelly is not a figure you will want to take right into combat.  But, he is a good support figure for you Celebrity or Politician theme teams, or whatever force you include him on to fight the threat of mutants (or any keyword you fear).  And at 42 points, there will be plenty of room to include more able attackers that will benefit from what he does bring to your force.

That’s all we have for today.  Be sure to check back soon as we continue to bring you more eXcellent previews from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past set!