Marvel HeroClix: X-Men - Days of Future Past Preview

Marvel HeroClix X-Men – Days of Future Past: Wolverine!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past gravity feed set is your favorite stogie sucking, wing haired, mutant healing factored, short guy, Wolverine! So what’re you waiting for Bub? Take a look.


The Veteran Wolverine is a lofty 156 points of Snikity Snikity! He is push-able with his Indomitable and, because he is a close combat sort of guy, his trait You’re Gonna Need Help, Bub will up his stats. It says to modify Wolverine’s attack and defense values by +1 for each adjacent opposing character. You can have up to a 14 attack and a 20 defense when adjacent to 3 or more opposing characters!

Wolverine starts with Charge, Precision Strike, Toughness, and the special power Canadian Resistance Army that says when Wolverine is adjacent to an opposing figure, his abilities can’t be countered or ignored. When he’s adjacent to more than one opposing character, lines of fire drawn from opposing characters to Wolverine are blocked. He is made to get in your opponents face and claw his way through them.

On his second click, Wolverine swaps out his Charge with the special power Healing Power Ain’t What it Used To Be that states at the beginning of your turn, heal Wolverine of 1 damage. He goes back and forth between these 2 powers for his entire dial, so don’t worry, he should be able to heal up a click and proceed to do some damage. On click 4 he transitions from Toughness to Combat Reflexes.  On click 5 he gains Blades/Claws/Fangs and Battle Fury so don’t fret about your opponents Shape Change anymore.

On click 6, Wolverine gets his only click of Regeneration. Which at first glance is a little different than the usual Regeneration on the last click but if you look, he can heal at the beginning of your turn on his last click, then can use Regeneration effectively being able to heal up to 5 clicks in one turn. Additionally, Wolverine has the X-Men team ability and can be further healed up.

Wolverine’s combat values are consistently high, damage never goes below 3 and is 4 at times, his attack starts at 11 and never goes below 9, and his defense is a 17 to start and never goes below 16. Make sure to remember his trait will modify attack and defense values up to +3 when adjacent to opposing characters.  With these stats and his healing abilities, Wolverine should be hard to K.O., and should be able to do what he does best, SNIKT! He also has the keywords Days of Future Past, Future, and X-Men.

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back as we preview more characters from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past set or you may be called to explain yourself in front of a Senate Hearing!