Marvel HeroClix: X-Men - Days of Future Past Preview

Marvel HeroClix X-Men Days of Future Past: Pyro!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

In the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past gravity feed set, we travel to a dark and foreboding future where Sentinels roam and mutants are hunted down. As a member of Mystique’s Freedom Force, Pyro will use his ability to manipulate flame and help shape a new future.


Pyro has a trait called Flame Constructs. When Pyro has no action token and there isn’t a Flame Construct token on the map placed by him, give him a free action to place one in an unoccupied, adjacent square and it becomes a bystander token as described on this card.

Flame Construct bystander token has a zero point value. It can use Charge and has a 6 movement with Exploit Weakness and a 2 damage value. At the beginning of your turn the Flame Construct can be given a free action to use Poison.

First thing to note out is that Pyro has no defensive powers but then neither does his Flame Construct.

For movement Pyro will gain the use of Running Shot and some Side Step. When Pyro is attacking he has a full dial of Energy Explosion with a 6 square range and dual targets.

For an opening salvo Pyro would be able to produce a Flame Construct. Pyro could then be given a power action to use Running Shot and move up to 4 squares. Pyro would then be given a ranged combat action as a free action using his 11 attack value and 3 damage. Now that Pyro has been given a ranged combat action this would trigger his use of Energy Explosion and would allow Pyro to deal 2 damage to each untargeted character adjacent to the target of the attack.

Pyro would also be able to help boost adjacent friendly characters damage during ranged combat attacks with Enhancement. Pyro’s end dial he can now use Perplex.

Pyro is 90 points and has the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability and keyword as well as the Freedom Force keyword.

Thanks for reading and be sure to continue to check back as we look at figures from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past gravity feed set. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!