Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

Marvel HeroClix Wolverine & the X-Men: Shadowcat and Phoenix!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our series of previews for the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men set!  As promised, we are pleased to show you the figures that can be played on the Excalibur team dial.  We start with a former X-Man on Muir Island recovering from wounds she suffered at the hands of the mutant-hunting Marauders, Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat)!


Shadowcat has an Improved Movement ability called Don’t Worry, Professor…which lets her ignore elevated, hindering, and blocking terrain when she moves.  This, combined with Shadowcat’s Transporter ability, allows her to move about the map with ease, reposition herself and a teammate, and make an attack when the opportunity presents itself while getting there.  Shadowcat starts with the first four clicks of her dial representing different aspects of her phasing ability.  First, Stealth shows her ability to get to and hide in places she ought not to be.  Next, Super Senses shows her ability to avoid attacks by being intangible.  Lastly, Exploit Weakness shows how Shadowcat can hurt someone by phasing through them.

Shadowcat ends her dial with powers that mostly utilize her training in martial arts by Wolverine after her possession by Ogun.  Precision Strike demonstrates her ability to hurt an opponent in close combat, while Combat Reflexes showcases her agility in a melee.  Lastly, Shape Change shows her ability to throw off an attacker by phasing through walls or into the ground.

Shadowcat is playable on the Excalibur team dial and when her face appears on the asset dial, Excalibur can use Super Senses.  Shadowcat comes in at a mere 56 points, making her a good fit on any Excalibur, Martial Artist, or X-Men theme teams.

Next up, we have a team member from a future where mutants have been hunted to near extinction.  Trained as a Hound to hunt her fellow mutants, Rachel Summers eventually escaped to our present in an attempt to stop her future from ever happening.  In the present day, she took on her mother’s surname of “Grey” as she had the same cosmic force enhancing her power.  But whether she calls herself Rachel Summers or Rachel Grey, she is Phoenix!


Phoenix maintains the same power set over her first three clicks.  Running Shot allows her to position herself and take advantage of her printed 8 range with one target, while the Flight ability allows her to take a friendly figure with her.  Psychic Blast makes it so damage reducers are bypassed.  Phoenix also has a special power called Psionic Purging, which gives her both Shape Change and the ability to use Outwit but with a twist:  Phoenix can use Outwit normally, or she can counter the same power on all opposing figures within range and line of fire.  Defensively, Impervious allows Phoenix to reduce damage dealt to her or potentially ignore it entirely.

The next three clicks of Phoenix’s dial also have the same power set, this time with more emphasis on close combat.  First, she can take the fight right to opposing figures with Charge.  Poison allows Phoenix to deal a click of damage to opposing figures at the beginning of the turn.  Super Senses gives Phoenix the ability to possibly evade attacks and Probability Control lets her force an opponent to reroll their dice when she is attacked.  Phoenix’s dial ends with her gaining the ability to hurt any figure she hits with Precision Strike.  Meanwhile, Energy Shield/Deflection gives Phoenix some added protection from ranged combat attacks.

At 154 points, Phoenix fits perfectly on any Excalibur, Future, Phoenix Force, Starjammers, and X-men theme teams on which you choose to include her.  Phoenix is also playable on the Excalibur team dial.  If Phoenix appears on the asset dial, the team character’s powers can’t be countered.  Also, Excalibur modifies its damage value by +1.

Thanks for reading and join us Friday as we close out our preview of the Excalibur team with the three figures included with the team dial.  And come back next week as we are sure to have more previews from Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-men.  Until next time, keep your Clix of their KO’s!