Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

Marvel HeroClix Wolverine & the X-Men: Beast, Psylocke, and Rogue!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today we wrap up our week-long look at the X-Men: Blue Strike Force by focusing on three characters that are packaged with the team dial in Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men super boosters.  These three characters can also be played as a 300-point force without the team dial.  First up, let’s check in with a member of the X-Men’s first class, Dr. Hank McCoy (aka Beast)!


Beast comes into play at 97 points and hits the battlefield with an Improved Movement ability called Oh, My Stars, and Garters which lets him ignore elevated terrain, hindering terrain, and characters when he moves.  Oh, My Stars, and Garters works in tandem two of the standard powers that highlight Beast’s speed slot, Sidestep and Charge.  Since Beast can ignore characters when he moves, he can use Sidestep while adjacent to an opposing character without having to make a breakaway roll.

Defensively, Beast starts his dial with a special power called Flying Furball, which lets him use Combat Reflexes, Super Senses and Toughness.  Standard Combat Reflexes rounds out the remainder of his dial.  In addition, Beast’s Asset Dial ability allows X-Men: Blue Strike Force to use Combat Reflexes.

Beast’s damage slot features another special power called Brains or Brute Force?, which lets him choose either Close Combat Expert or Outwit at the beginning of your turn.  Beast can use the chosen power until your next turn.

Beast has the X-Men team ability and an array of keywords that make it easy to include him on a themed team.  Beast’s Improved Movement ability makes him a mobile tie-up piece and later an attacker, thanks to a pair of Blades/Claws/Fangs clicks toward the end of his dial.


Psylocke, the second character found in the X-Men: Blue Strike Force super booster, has gone through a number of physical changes over the years, from being fitted with bionic eyes by Mojo to her ninja training with The Hand.

A powerful telepath, Psylocke begins her dial with a special power in her speed slot called Hidden Thoughts, Scott?, which allows her to use Stealth and Mind Control as if she had a range of 8 and two targets.  Psylocke has a printed range of 2 and one target.  In addition, Psylocke’s Asset Dial ability allows X-Men: Blue Strike Force to use Mind Control.

Psylocke’s attack slot starts with Precision Strike, which represents the “psychic knife” she often uses to knock out her foes.  Psylocke’s training with The Hand manifests itself on the back end of her dial when she gains Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Willpower and Combat Reflexes alternate in Psylocke’s defense slot before the latter takes over for all but her last click.  Psylocke’s damage slot starts with a pair of Shape Change clicks, then moves into a pair of Outwit clicks.  Finally, she ends her dial with the ability to boost the damage of adjacent teammates who are making close combat attacks (Empower).

Like Beast, Psylocke has the X-Men team ability and multiple keywords for ease of team building.  One of those keywords, The Hand, has a 7-point additional team ability (available under the Print and Play link) that makes Psylocke even more difficult to attack if she’s adjacent to a wall or blocking terrain.

At 84 points, Psylocke is a viable secondary attacker who has good damage-dealing potential with Precision Strike and Blades/Claws/Fangs in her attack slot.  Psylocke’s ability to use Mind Control with a range of 8 and two targets (via the Hidden Thoughts, Scott? special power) also makes her a dangerous threat to opposing characters.

Rounding out our 300-point X-Men: Blue Strike Force trio is the power-stealing Mississippi bruiser, Rogue!


Coming in at 112 points, Rogue hits the battlefield with a trait called I’ll Just Borrow This, Sugah, which represents her ability to absorb the powers of others with just a touch.  At the beginning of the game, Rogue can choose a standard power another friendly character can use on its starting click.  This game, Rogue can use the chosen power and when she does, she also has the printed range value of the friendly character whose power she has chosen.

Rogue’s first four clicks all feature the same mix of powers:  Toughness in the damage slot, and the combination of Charge and Super Strength in the speed and attack slots, respectively.  On her fourth click Rogue also picks up Empower.

On the back half of Rogue’s dial she loses Charge and Super Strength and switches from Toughness to Combat ReflexesEmpower hangs around for another click before making way for Close Combat Expert.

Rogue has the X-Men team ability and X-Men is her lone keyword.  Rogue’s Asset Dial ability allows X-Men: Blue Strike Force to use Steal EnergyI’ll Just Borrow This, Sugah offers Rogue some versatility as a primary attacker, depending on the standard power she chooses.  Beyond that, Rogue makes an excellent choice as a straightforward close-combat brawler and can deal plenty of damage when she’s using objects with her attacks.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we reveal more secrets from the Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men set! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!