Marvel HeroClix: The Amazing Spider-Man Preview

Marvel HeroClix The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Man!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we begin our previews for the Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man set with a visit to Peter Parker’s private workspace at Horizon Labs, where he’s hard at work developing special costumes for everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

In this set, there are three versions of #001 Spider-Man, each possessing similar sculpts but different power sets and paint schemes.  You’ll notice that Spider-Man #001a,#001b and #001c are NOT Prime figures; they don’t have green rings around their bases or green backgrounds on their character card and, if you’re so inclined, you can add more than one Spider-Man #001 to your force.  All three Spider-Man figures are available in boosters in relative equal rarity.

All three versions of the wall crawler come into play at 100 points and have the Spider-Man Ally team ability, which makes them Wildcards.  Each version of Spider-Man #001 also possess the MorphChanging Frequencies trait which reads:  Give Spider-Man a move action or a close combat action.  After actions resolve, you may replace him with any other character with this trait or the Morph: Identity Crisis trait on the same click number.  But wait, there’s more(!) to MorphChanging Frequencies:  If an opposing character took damage during that action, you may instead deal Spider-Man 1 unavoidable damage and then replace him with a character with the Morph: Spider Armor trait on the same click number.

In the previews below, you will see how each Spider-Man #001 can alternate between the other versions, “But what about the Spider-Armor portion of the Trait?” you may ask? All we can say for now is “Stay tuned as we reveal more Spider-Man goodness in the weeks to come!”

For now, let’s look at the second trait possessed by #001a Spider-ManDoing the Things a Spider Can. This Trait allows him to use Leap/Climb and Super Senses without fear of either power being countered by Outwit!

Let’s take a closer look now at Spider-Man (#001a)!


The black-and-green costume doesn’t just make the wall crawler look slimmer; it’s also a stealth suit!  So what exactly does a stealth suit do for Spider-Man?  Well, on the first three clicks of his speed slot is a special power which asks (and answers) that question.  With What Did You Expect a Stealth Suit To Be Able To Do?, Spider-Man can use Stealth.  In addition, any line of fire drawn to Spider-Man is blocked if he has no action tokens!  Those three clicks are followed by three clicks of regular Stealth.

This version of Spider-Man’s attack slot starts out powerless for the first two clicks, then he gains Super Strength on click three.  Spider-Man can also attack a single opposing figure up to four squares away.  Super Strength reappears on 001a Spider-Man’s dial on his last two clicks.

In his defense slot, #001a Spider-Man starts with a value of 17 but doesn’t gain any powers until click three, when he gains Combat Reflexes and boasts his status as a member of the Avengers.  (Don’t forget, though, that Spider-Man has the Doing the Things a Spider Can trait, which lets him use Super Senses!)  Combat Reflexes appears on Spider-Man’s dial for three clicks.  Toughness appears on Spider-Man’s last click as he defiantly stays on his feet and asks his opponents, “Is that all you’ve got?”

Finally, in his damage slot, #001a Spider-Man starts with Probability Control as his opponents wonder if luck has anything to do with them missing their attacks on the wall-crawler.  (Is it luck?  No, it’s Spidey Senses!)  That’s followed on his second click by Perplex, which highlights Peter Parker’s genius-level intellect.  Perplex returns on Spider-Man’s dial on his fourth and fifth clicks.

Stealth suit Spidey has attack values that never dip below a 9, and defense values that never go below 16.  With Stealth available on each of his clicks, #001a Spider-Man is a viable choice to sneak past opposing characters and surprise them by switching to a version of the web-slinger that can more than hold his own in close combat!  Let’s take a look now at #001b Spider-Man and his red-and-black suit!


Spider-Man (#001b) is more offense-oriented than the stealth-suited version and starts his dial Super Strength and Leadership.  He also has a range of six squares.  Once he’s off his top click, Spider-Man retains Super Strength and gains Charge for those times when you need to rush in and smack an opposing figure with an object!  Toughness also appears in Spider-Man’s defense slot.

On his third click, #001b Spider-Man drops Charge and Super Strength and gains Flurry and a special power called Here’s Web in Yer Eye! which can keep opposing characters from making ranged attacks against ol’ web head.  With Here’s Web in Yer Eye!, when Spider-Man hits an opposing character, its range value becomes 0 and is locked until your next turn.  Defensively, Spider-Man retains Toughness but adds Exploit Weakness to his damage slot as he shows his enemies that he’s learned where to hit to make it hurt!

Mid-dial, the Charge/Super Strength/Exploit Weakness trio returns.  However, Toughness is replaced by Combat Reflexes.  On #001b Spider-Man’s last two clicks, Flurry and Here’s Web in Yer Eye! make their return.

The slightly higher defense values on the front half of #001b Spider-Man’s dial should be helpful in keeping him in the game.  However, when it comes to defense, it’s time we took a look at #001c Spider-Man!


Spider-Man’s black-and-blue suit takes from the other two costumes and adds a bit of its own personality into the mix.  Defensively, #001c Spider-Man’s values never drop below 17 until his last click.  Meanwhile, his attack values only dip to a 9 twice on the dial while the speed values never fall under an 8.

This version of Spider-Man sports a range of 4 and begins its dial with Stealth as the web-slinger stays hidden in shadows.  Stealth returns to Spider-Man’s dial for his last two clicks.

In his attack slot, #001c Spider-Man begins play with a special power that should be useful if your opponent’s force relies on figures with Super Strength or Telekinesis.  With Anti-Metal Spider-Tracers, give Spider-Man a power action.  Choose a light or heavy object within range and line of fire, including a held object.  The object is then removed from the map.

Once Spider-Man is off his top click, he trades Anti-Metal Spider-Tracers for Incapacitate as he catches thieves just like flies!  Incapacitate also appears on Spider-Man’s fifth click.  Two clicks of Anti-Metal Spider-Tracers are sandwiched between those Incapacitate clicks.

Spider-Man begins his dial defensively with Barrier as he creates a wall of webbing to protect him and others from harm.  Barrier returns on click 5.  Spider-Man then gains two clicks of Defend as he puts into action the “great responsibility” portion of his Uncle Ben’s advice.  As we start the back half of the dial, we see that Defend is dropped in favor of Willpower to show that Spider-Man also has great power to go along with his great responsibility.  Willpower also appears on the last click.

Finally, Outwit appears on clicks 2 and 3 to show that Spider-Man’s smarts are enough to warrant his choice as one of Horizon Labs’ “Lucky Seven.”  Outwit also appears on Spider-Man’s last click.

All three versions of #001 Spider-Man have the Avengers, Spider-Man Family and Scientist keywords to aid with theme-team building.  In addition, #001a Spider-Man has the Reporter keyword.

Thanks for reading and please rejoin us as we reveal more secrets from the Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man set.  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!