Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man Preview

Marvel HeroClix The Invincible Iron Man: Sasha Hammer!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We’ve reopened the Stark Industries files again for another exciting preview from our upcoming Marvel HeroClix release, The Invincible Iron Man!  Today we spotlight a character who has taken up her family’s fight to destroy Tony Stark.  We bring to you the granddaughter of Justin Hammer and daughter of Justine Hammer and Mandarin, Sasha Hammer!


Coming into play at 90 points, Sasha Hammer has a range of 5 squares and the Armor and Hammer Industries keywords for ease in team building.  She also has the Hammer Industries Additional Team Ability that Justin Hammer and the Hammer Industries Drone can use.  Sasha Hammer hits the battlefield with a short run of Invulnerability to help her absorb damage and in her speed slot she alternates between Sidestep and Stealth on her first three clicks.  Starting with her second click, Sasha Hammer picks up Pulse Wave for a pair of clicks.  Sasha Hammer also begins her dial with Outwit on her first two clicks.

On her last three clicks, Sasha Hammer changes her tactics considerably.  Stealth becomes her sole speed power of choice while Invulnerability makes way for Mastermind.  The Pulse Wave clicks are followed by a pair of Penetrating/Psychic Blast clicks.

But what makes Sasha Hammer an appealing choice is her a pair of traits.  The first trait, Villainous Lineage, modifies the attack values by +1 of friendly adjacent characters named Crimson Cowl, Mandarin or Justin Hammer.

Sasha Hammer piloted the Detroit Steel armor when its original operator was believed to be dead.  Sasha Hammer’s second trait, Steal a Dead Man’s Armor, represents this career choice.  When a character with a different name, the Armor or Robot keywords, and a point value of 150 or less is KO’d, you may roll a d6 for this trait.  If the result is 5 or 6, return that character to the map in Sasha Hammer’s square.  That character is returned on a click number that’s the same number of clicks from its starting line as Sasha Hammer’s click number.  The returned character is now a friendly character and Sasha Hammer is KO’d.

Thanks for reading.  Be sure to come back next week as we continue to reveal figures from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Invincible Ironman set.