Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man Preview Prime Figures

Marvel HeroClix The Invincible Iron Man: King Hyperion and Hyperion!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

We are pleased to bring you another preview from our next Marvel HeroClix release, Invincible Iron Man!  Today we take a look at madman who vanquished all of Earth’s heroes and ruled over humanity as its God-Emperor.  Bow in submission before King Hyperion!


According to the files of Stark Industries, King Hyperion (#041a) hails from Earth-4023 and its inhabitants despised him so much that they foolishly launched a nuclear attack on the planet in an effort to rid themselves of their God-Emperor.  The assault instead killed everyone on Earth but King Hyperion.

King Hyperion comes into play at 266 points and has a range of eight squares and two targets.  King Hyperion begins his dial with two clicks of Hypersonic Speed, Super Strength and ImperviousKing Hyperion also has the Indomitable combat ability and the wing speed symbol, which respectively let him use Willpower and the Carry and Flight abilities.

On his second click, King Hyperion gains a long run of a special power in his damage slot called Genocidal Rage, which allows you to give him a power action to make a close or ranged combat attack targeting a single friendly character with a point value of 15 or more.  If King Hyperion KO’s that character with this attack, after actions resolve heal him of 1 damage, remove all action tokens from him, and modify his combat values by +1 until your next turn.  King Hyperion may immediately be given an action as a free action that may be used to active Genocidal Rage again.

The Marvel HeroClix:  Fear Itself – Blitzkrieg U.S.A. scenario pack offers several 15-point Warbot bystanders and horde tokens to sacrifice for King Hyperion’s Genocidal Rage.  Additionally, the Marvel HeroClix:  Thor – The Dark World mini game includes several Dark Elf and Einherjar horde tokens.

Once King Hyperion is off his top two clicks, his power set changes:  Hypersonic Speed is replaced by a long run of Running ShotImpervious remains for a click before making way for Invulnerability.  And Super Strength disappears in favor of three clicks each of Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Pulse Wave.  On King Hyperion’s last click of Running Shot and Pulse Wave, he loses Genocidal Rage and gains Probability Control for two clicks.

Super Strength and Hypersonic Speed return on King Hyperion’s last two clicks.  However, Toughness replaces Invulnerability in the defense slot.

From a more familiar version of Earth we have a Prime version of King Hyperion with a more heroic side.  Hyperion (#041b) can be played at 275 and 200 points.  Regardless of his point level, Hyperion has the Power Cosmic team ability and a range of 8 squares.


Hyperion begins his dial with a click of Hypersonic Speed, a short run of Super Strength, and a slightly longer run of ImperviousHyperion also starts with a click of Leadership in his damage slot.  A three-click run of Charge replaces Hypersonic Speed on Hyperion’s dial while the run of Super Strength is replaced by a click of Precision Strike.

Hyperion’s fifth click is also his 200-point starting line.  Here, the last Eternal uses Invulnerability as his defensive power of choice for the remainder of his dial.  Hyperion also continues using Precision Strike for two more clicks before switching to two clicks of Precision Strike.  In Hyperion’s speed slot, we see the return of Hypersonic Speed for two clicks.  That power is then replaced by two clicks of Running ShotHyperion’s last three clicks feature Phasing/Teleport.

Starting with Hyperion’s sixth click, he gains a special power in his damage slot for the remainder of his dial called Super Hearing and X-Ray Vision.  This power lets Hyperion use Improved Targeting if he targets a character with an action token.  This use of Improved Targeting lets him ignore hindering terrain, elevated terrain, and characters.  He also ignores and destroys blocking terrain when he draws line of fire.

Both King Hyperion and Hyperion make up a sizable chunk of a force in lower-point matches.  In larger-point games, however, either character is a solid choice as a primary attacker.

Thanks for reading.  Please join next time as we uncover more secrets in our next Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man preview.  Until then, Force Blast for the win!