Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man Preview

Marvel HeroClix The Invincible Iron Man: Justin Hammer and Hammer Industries Drone!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue to look at figures in the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Invincible Ironman set! Today we are previewing two characters, Hammer Industries Drone and Justin Hammer. Let’s hammer out the details!


At 75 points, Hammer Industries Drone has the flight symbol, a 5 range with 2 targets, and has Improved Targeting ignores hindering terrain.  This can really enhance his starting click with Running Shot, Incapacitate, and Toughness. He is only dealing 2 damage, so characters with damage reducing powers can shrug off his attacks unless you use his Incapacitate to immobilize your opponent’s characters to allow a heavier hitter to setup for an attack.

Hammer Industries Drone also starts with a special power This isn’t a Rescue – It’s an Ambush which states when Hammer Industries Drone carries a character with the Hammer Industries keyword and a lower point value, modify the defense value of both characters by +1 until your next turn. See below for a good character to use with this power.

The Hammer Industries Drone has the keywords Armor, Hammer Industries, and Robot. With the Hammer Industries keyword, he can use the Hammer Industries ATA which says characters using this team ability can use perplex, but only to target a character with the Armor, Hammer Industries, or Robot keyword. This use of Perplex may not modify damage values, and no character may be targeted by this ability more than twice per turn. This use is in addition to any other uses of Perplex. The cost is 5 points per character.  This ATA can’t help with lower damage values, but it can help you hit with your attacks.

For his 75 points, he gets 6 clicks of life. His stats are fairly consistent, and his powers can alternate on his dial. Sometimes he needs a little support to enhance his ability. That support piece could be our next review, Justin Hammer.


Coming it at a low 54 points and 4 clicks of life, Justin Hammer is ready to help drive nails into your opponent’s coffin.  He has the trait I Know All the Players which states characters with the Armor, Hammer Industries, or Robot keyword may be targeted by Justin Hammer’s Outwit or Perplex if they are within 10 squares, regardless of range or line of sight. This is great to hide him behind the troops and use his Perplex or Outwit.

Justin Hammer’s top 2 clicks have Outwit and the special defense power It’s All Above Board and Legal which allows him to use Mastermind. He can use t to transfer damage to characters of 150 points or less if they are within 3 squares and have the Armor, Hammer Industries, or Robot keyword. So his trait and this special power would allow you to park him behind a wall, or hidden on elevated terrain and as long as the square distance requirement is met, range and line of fire are unnecessary.

His last 2 clicks swap out Outwit for Perplex. On any click of his dial, Justin Hammer can be useful to the Hammer Industries Drone. With the drone’s special power This isn’t a Rescue – It’s an Ambush, the drone can carry Justin Hammer and both will get the +1 to defense. Make sure at the beginning of a game to verify if any of your opponent’s characters have the Armor, Hammer Industries, or Robot keywords, because his trait will work on them as well.

That ends this preview for the Marvel HeroClix: Invincible Ironman set, but stay tuned for next week as we check in on someone who’s a chip off the ol’ block.!