Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: Titania and Skirn-Breaker of Men!

Published on May 24th, 2013

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today we continue our Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself previews with Titania and her identity as one of The Worthy, Skirn (Breaker of Men)!

008 Titania

Titania has a trait called Prove I’m the Strongest Woman (Or Man) There is which states: “Titania can use Super Strength. Titania modifies her attack by +2 when attacking a character that can use Super Strength.Titania also starts out her first two clicks with Charge and a speed value of 9. Titania also starts out with Invulnerability.

Mid-dial, Titania gets Flurry and her Invulnerability turns into Toughness. At the end of her dial Titania gets Charge back and gains Quake and Battle Fury. These powers plus her Indomitable combat ability make Titania a 105-point beat-stick that fits well into any Frightful Four, Masters of Evil, Femizons, or Brute teams.

025 Skirn

Skirn has an Improved Movement ability called No Other Man Touches Me, which allows her to ignore hindering terrain and other characters when she moves. Skirn has Indomitable as well as two traits, Hammer of Skirn and Hammer Collision. Hammer of Skirn says that Skirn can use Charge. When Skirn is KOed, you may place #S103 Skirn’s Hammer in an adjacent square and friendly characters modify their relic rolls by +1 this game. Hammer Collision says if Skirn is adjacent to a friendly character with the keyword The Worthy, she can use Pulse Wave as if she had a range of 8. If that character is named Greithoth, her Pulse Wave does 3 damage instead of 1 when targeting more than one character. Adjacent friendly characters with The Worthy keyword ignore this use of Pulse Wave.

Skirn starts her dial out with Plasticity, Super Strength, and Invulnerability. Skirn also gets Close Combat Expert and Outwit later in her dial. Skirn also has a special movement power called Revert: Titania which allows her to revert back to a character named Titania as a free action on the same number of clicks from its starting line. It also assigns to Titania the #S103 Skirn’s Hammer.

Skirn is a formidable foe for 150 points that your opponent will fear seeing on the map.

Thank you for joining us as we preview more of the Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself set. Keep checking as we preview more. Until then, keep those clix off those KOs!

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