Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself Preview

Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: Greithoth, Breaker of Wills!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview of the upcoming and exciting Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself storyline Organized Play series!  This week we continue our journey into The Worthy and examine Greithoth, Breaker of Wills.


As we start out our look let’s talk about Greithoth’s traits.  The first, Hammer of Greithoth, allows him to use Running Shot on all 8 clicks of his dial.  The other aspect of this is that when Greithoth is KO’d, you may place his hammer (FI #S104 Greithoth’s Hammer) in an adjacent square and friendly characters modify their relic rolls by +1 this game.

Greithoth’s other trait, Extreme Absorption, shows us who he truly is.  When Greithoth hits a character who can use Impervious, Invincible, or Invulnerability, he may choose to use that power this game.

As we begin to reveal Greithoth’s dial it’s worthy to note that he is also a Giant character.  This gives Greithoth the ability to use the Giant Reach and Giant Size abilities.  Giant Reach will make it easier for him to break away, allow him to carry friendly smaller characters, and could possibly give him twice as many targets when making a close combat attack.  Giant Size, on the other hand, allows him to use Improved Movement (elevated, hindering, outdoor blocking and opposing characters that he did not start out his move adjacent to)  and he can’t be knocked back.  It may also possibly help him target characters on higher elevations than himself, as he is considered to be on the same elevation as the opposing character.  The other cool thing about both abilities is they can’t be countered.

Greithoth has an experienced starting line at 200 points for the first two clicks of his dial.  On these clicks, Greithoth possesses Plasticity, Super Strength, and Invulnerability.  He is going to get close, hold you in place, pound you with an object, and make it that much harder for you to deal him damage.  The only difference is on click 2 he may use his range of four squares and a single target to hit with Ranged Combat Expert.

On click 3 Greithoth starts his rookie dial at 150 points.  He continues to use Plasticity and Super Strength, but his defense goes to Toughness.  With Greithoth having stats like an 11 attack, 18 on defense and 4 damage … where, oh where should I use my Perplex? Greithoth keeps Perplex for two clicks.

On clicks 5 to 7 his special Revert power shows up.  This allows you to give Greithoth a free action and replace him with a figure named Absorbing Man of equal or less points that’s the same number of clicks from its starting line.  You may then assign Greithoth’s Hammer to that character and it can’t be given an action this turn.  Greithoth finishes out his dial with some Ranged Combat Expert and Toughness.

And let’s not forget that Greithoth is Indomitable; he won’t have to worry about taking any pushing damage, so this guy should be moving or attacking 2 out of 3 turns.

Since Greithoth has dual starting lines, he will be able to give you lots of options during the Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself sealed tournaments.  Greithoth should lend himself very nicely to theme team building with his keywords (Asgardian, Brute, Deity, Masters of Evil, and The Worthy).

Thanks for reading! Please join us for more upcoming and exciting Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself previews. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!