Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself Preview

Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: Attuma and Nerkkod!

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today we continue our previews of the Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself set by looking toward the seas at Attuma and his identity as one of The Worthy, Nerkkod (Breaker of Oceans)!

015 Attuma

Attuma has a trait called Atlantean Vision which says once per game, give Attuma a free action and place up to six water terrain markers on the map in squares of clear terrain and at least six squares from any opposing character; these squares are water terrain this game. Attuma can use Super Senses when occupying water terrain. This allows Attuma to take advantage of his Swim movement ability as well as his special damage power Lord of the Murky Depths. Lord of the Murky Depths says that opposing characters within 6 squares and occupying water terrain can’t be given power actions. Combined with the trait, this allows Attuma to slightly lock down characters on an opposing team for a turn if he is within the 6 squares.

Attuma also starts out with Charge, which he has for his half his dial. Attuma starts out defensively with Invulnerability to lower damage dealt to him by 2. Mid-dial he also has Blades/Claws/Fangs, allowing him to possibly charge in and do 6 damage. Attuma also ends his dial with Toughness and Close Combat Expert.

At only 109 points, Attuma is a real terror of the sea and is welcome on any Atlantis, Lethal Legion, Ruler, or Warrior teams.

022 Nerkkod

Nerkkod (Breaker of the Oceans) comes in at 215 points, is Indomitable, and has the trait Hammer of Nerkkod. Hammer of Nerkkod says that Nerkkod can use Running Shot. When Nerkkod is KO’d, you may place #S105 Nerkkod’s Hammer in an adjacent square and friendly characters modify their relic roll by +1 this game. Nerkkod has a range of 4 with two targets and has a special damage power called Undersea, which increases his damage value by 1 and makes his range 10 if he occupies water terrain. Nerkkod also starts his dial out with an 11 movement and Force Blast, allowing him to either knock someone back off of him or move 6 squares and make a ranged attack with his trait Running Shot which he can use Pulse Wave as well if he sees fit, which can hit up to 5 squares worth of targets if he runs into water terrain.

Nerkkod also has a special movement power called Revert: Attuma which allows him to be given a free action to be replaced with a figure named Attuma on the same click number as the one Nerkkod is on when he reverts and you may assign #S105 Nerkkod’s Hammer to that character and it can’t be given an action this turn. Nerkkod also ends his dial with Energy Explosion, allowing him to keep damaging multiple characters if he needs to.

Nerkkod is ready to take on the masses with any characters with the Asgardian, Atlantis, Brute, Deity, Ruler, or The Worthy keywords.

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This concludes our preview for today, please keep checking for more previews from Marvel Heroclix: Fear Itself set. Until next time, avoid that water terrain!