Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool Preview

Marvel HeroClix Deadpool: Evil Deadpool!

Greetings HeroClix Fans! [Hey, I was going to say that!]

We previously gave you a sneak peak at some of the characters from our next Marvel HeroClix release, Deadpool [Woo hoo!].  Today we are pleased to officially kick off our series of previews for the set with a look at the Prime counterpart of the “Merc with a Mouth”!  [It shore is a purty mouth!] Please welcome Evil Deadpool!  [Thank yew, thank yew, thank yew!  I wonder if I’ll be a meta piece?]


Ahem.  Evil Deadpool hits the battlefield at 100 points and his tampo he has the Word Balloon symbol, which is explained on his character card as follows: Merc with a Mouth:  Give Evil Deadpool a free action and attach a Word Balloon to him, replacing any currently attached.  He can use the associated affects.


Evil Deadpool comes packed in boosters with a Word Balloon (#W004) titled “This Besmirchment Will Not Stand”, which reads:  “When an opposing character uses Perplex to decrease any other friendly character’s combat value, modify that same combat value by +1 on this character as long as that Perplex lasts. [So if mean ol’ Jubilee uses Perplex to lower my buddy Cable’s damage by 1, “This Besmirchment Will Not Stand” lets me bump up my awesome opening 4 damage (with Close Combat Expert) by +1 as long as the Perplex lasts?  Sweet!]

Moving on [Finally!] we see that Evil Deadpool also has a trait called Backwards Arm – For Better Shooting!  When Evil Deadpool makes a close combat attack, after actions resolve he can make a ranged combat attack targeting a character within range and in a direct line of fire opposite from the close combat attack.  For this attack, Evil Deadpool can use Improved Targeting:  OO> [Ooh, and I have a range of six with a single target!  I can totally see myself on a lot of teams!]

Evil Deadpool has a colorful dial that starts and ends with a click of Sidestep [Seriously, move me into that hindering terrain] and the previously mentioned Close Combat Expert.  Defensively, Evil Deadpool starts with a pair of clicks of Toughness to help reduce damage dealt to him.

Once Evil Deadpool is off his top click, he gains Ranged Combat Expert and Phasing/Teleport to put some space between him and opposing characters.  Ranged Combat Expert and Phasing/Teleport return on Evil Deadpool’s second to last click.  Defensively, Evil Deadpool switches from Toughness to Super Senses. [I’ll be very, very disappointed if you don’t make those Super Senses rolls for me!]

Mid-dial, Evil Deadpool drops Phasing/Teleport in favor of Charge, and he also picks up Blades/Claws/Fangs[You know what’s better than rolling a 6 on Blades?  Rolling a 6 on Blades while watching reruns of The Golden Girls!]  Evil Deadpool also has Perplex and damage values of 3 on his first and last clicks of Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs[I like having options when I play myself in HeroClix!]

On Evil Deadpool’s last three clicks he has a special power [I have a special power!  Yay me!] in his defense slot called Weird Regeneration From Leftover Parts which lets him use Regeneration[But wait, there’s more!  Right?]  When Evil Deadpool does use Regeneration, choose an opponent to roll another d6.  If the opponent’s roll is higher than your d6 roll, add the two results together and subtract two.  Evil Deadpool is healed of damage equal to this result instead.  [Wait, wait, wait.  What happens if I would heal past my starting line?]  Each time Evil Deadpool would heal past his starting click in this way, modify his combat values by +1 for the rest of the game, even if this power is lost.  [Who has two thumbs (so what if they’re both right thumbs?) and has a cool special power?  This guy!]

For theme team building purposes, Evil Deadpool has the Assassin, Deadpool Corps and Monster keywords.  Evil Deadpool leaves plenty of room for other attackers and support characters – but remember that only one Prime figure can be included on your force.

Thanks for reading!  [You’re welcome!]  Come back for our next preview and remember that May 2014 is when Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool arrives at friendly local game and comic stores near you! Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!  [Evil Deadpool for the Win!!]