Chaos War Preview

Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War: Nitro!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War preview we bring you a villain whose actions ignited the Civil War storyline when his explosion near an elementary school killed more than 600 people.  Making his first appearance in HeroClix, we present Nitro!

Nitro’s body was genetically altered by the Kree so that he could explode and reform his body at will. To showcase this ability, Nitro begins his dial with a special power in his movement slot, Explode and Reform.  When given a double power action to use Explode and Reform, Nitro can target each opposing character within 2 squares with a close combat attack.  Each character that is then hit with this attack is dealt penetrating damage equal to three minus the number of squares the character is from Nitro!

Explode and Reform is the only power that appears on all of Nitro’s odd-numbered clicks.  On his even-numbered clicks, Nitro replaces Explode and Reform with Phasing/Teleport to represent his post-explosion gaseous state.  In this state Nitro is also difficult to hit so defensively he gains Energy Shield/Deflection to give him a boost against ranged attacks.

In the attack slots of his even-numbered clicks is another special power, Explosive Punch, which allows Nitro to use Force Blast. Nitro can use Force Blast normally or, as a free action, he can target any character he has hit with a close combat attack that turn. In Golden Age format games, you can spend six points to assign Nitro the Whirlwind feat (found under the Print and Play section) and knock back multiple targets with Force Blast. Explosive Punch can be used as a follow-up attack after Explode and Reform to push an opposing character off elevated terrain or into blocking terrain!

Nitro has one keyword (Brute) and clocks in at 41 points, which leaves plenty of room for other attackers and support pieces on your force.

That’s all we have for today!  Please join us next time when we explore more secrets from the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set.  Until next time, keep your Clix off their KOs!