Marvel HeroClix: The Amazing Spider-Man Preview Prime Figures

Marvel HeroClix Amazing Spider-Man: Two Faces of the Hobgoblin!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We celebrate the release of Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man by looking at two men who have clashed with everyone’s favorite Wall-Crawler (and one another) while dressed as the Hobgoblin!  To start out, let’s take a look at Roderick Kingsley, the first man to wear Hobgoblin’s fashionable orange-and-blue threads!


This version of Hobgoblin (#041a) comes in at 150 points and begins play with a trait called I’m a Criminal Mastermind, not a Lunatic, which allows him to use Leadership and Mastermind and spells out the difference (at least in Kingsley’s mind) between him and Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin)!

Hobgoblin hits the battlefield with a range of six and he starts his dial with Running Shot in his speed slot.  Once Hobgoblin is off his top click, Running Shot makes way for a special power called Frame You as the Hobgoblin, which lets him use Mind Control.  When he’s adjacent to an opposing character, he can use Shape ChangeFrame You as the Hobgoblin sticks around for three clicks before Running Shot makes a reappearance.  Stealth occupies the last two clicks of Hobgoblin’s speed slot.

In the first two clicks of his attack slot, Hobgoblin picks up a special power called Randomized Finger Blasts that represent another “improvement” Kingsley’s costume has over the Green Goblin.  With Randomized Finger Blasts, Hobgoblin has 3 [Bolts] and when he makes a ranged combat attack, his targets can’t use Super Senses.  If he targets more than one character with an attack, modify his attack value by -1.  Randomized Finger Blasts makes way for two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast before returning for two more clicks.  Hobgoblin ends his dial with a click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast.

Defensively, #041a Hobgoblin starts with a click of Invulnerability as his bulletproof chainmail soaks up damage.  That’s followed by a run of Toughness as Hobgoblin’s improved costume protects him better than Osborn’s garish green suit ever could!  Two clicks of Willpower cap off Hobgoblin’s dial as he bides his time for the next phase of his plan.  Outwit starts out Hobgoblin’s damage slot as he shows that he’s smarter than Osborn ever was, and makes an encore toward the end of his dial.

This version of Hobgoblin makes a great choice against characters that rely on Super Senses, thank to the Randomized Finger Blasts special power.  Traited Leadership and Mastermind mean he won’t have to worry about Outwit countering either power.  Hobgoblin is a viable choice as well for forces that are built around the Celebrity, Maggia and Scientist keywords.

While Kingsley is arguably the most well-known Hobgoblin, he’s certainly not the only man to wear the suit.  The latest man to take up the name Hobgoblin is Phil Urich, nephew of Daily Bugle investigative reporter Ben Urich.  Both versions of Hobgoblin were last spotted working together to take out our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.  For now, let’s take a look at Phil Urich’s version of Hobgoblin (#041b)!


The first thing you’ll notice about this Hobgoblin is he’s a Prime character, so only one may be included on your force.  The Prime Hobgoblin comes in at 94 points and can target two characters six squares away with his ranged attacks.  Defensively, Hobgoblin has Toughness on each of his six clicks.

As the Kingpin’s operative, #041b Hobgoblin begins his dial with three clicks of Running Shot.  In his attack slot, Hobgoblin picks up a special power called Sonic Scream, which lets him use Pulse Wave.  When he uses Pulse Wave and has no action tokens, each hit character also receives an action token.  At one time, Urich fought on the side of good as a version of the Green Goblin and was even a member of a superhero self-help group called the Loners.  To show Urich’s transformation from heroic Green Goblin to villainous Hobgoblin, he starts the damage portion of his dial with three clicks of Shape Change.

Unlike Kingsley, Urich’s Hobgoblin doesn’t rely upon a glider for transportation so Charge appears on the back half of his dial.  This Hobgoblin also carries around a big flaming sword, which is represented on his dial as Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Finally, Urich’s “Lunatic Laugh” is represented as a special power of the same name in his damage slot.  Lunatic Laugh lets #041b Hobgoblin use Incapacitate.  When he does and hits an adjacent character, after actions resolve, he may be given a close combat action as a free action.

The Prime Hobgoblin’s low point value leaves plenty of room for other teammates, particularly those that use the Loners, Reporter and The Hand keywords.  For seven points, The Hand Additional Team Ability will block lines of fire to Hobgoblin if he’s adjacent to a wall or blocking terrain.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us again as we uncover more secrets from upcoming HeroClix releases.  Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!