Marvel HeroClix: The Amazing Spider-Man Preview

Marvel HeroClix Amazing Spider-Man: The Rhino!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

The subject of today’s Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man preview may have a tough exterior but he’s also considered one of the Web Slinger’s more dim-witted foes.  Move out of the way because here comes Rhino!


Coming in at 128 points, Rhino has the Improved plus to the left of his stat slot and his character card shows that he has an Improved Movement ability called Rhino Hide.  This ability allows Rhino to ignore hindering terrain.  Rhino Hide also allows him to ignore blocking terrain and destroy blocking terrain as it moves through it.

Rhino begins his dial with a special power in his speed slot called Head Down, Horn Up which allows him to use Charge.  When he does, he automatically breaks away.  If he moves only in a straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal path and hits a character along that path, roll a d6 and increase Rhino’s damage value by half of the result.  Head Down, Horn Up appears on the front half of Rhino’s dial; regular use of Charge shows up on the back half of his dial.

The first two clicks of Rhino’s attack slow show no standard powers but he gains Super Strength on his next three clicks, giving him the ability to attack with objects.  On Rhino’s last three clicks, Super Strength moves over in favor of Quake as he bowls over all adjacent opposing characters!

Defensively, Rhino’s armored suit is well represented as he starts out with a pair of Impervious clicks to show that he’s impossible to hurt.  Impervious then downgrades to Invulnerability on Rhino’s next two clicks as his rhino hide maintains its protective properties.  On Rhino’s last four clicks he switches to Toughness.

Rhino has a great set of combat values to help keep him in the game.  His speed values start at 9 and switch to 8s halfway through his dial.  In his attack slot, his values never drop below a 10 until his last two clicks.  Rhino’s attack values become even more enticing when you consider that he can share them to adjacent friendly characters using the Sinister Syndicate team ability.  Rhino’s also got great defense values, which never dip below a 16.  

At 128 points, Rhino leaves plenty of room for support characters and ranged attackers to back up his close combat effectiveness.  For theme team building, Rhino makes a great addition to forces that utilize the Brute, Emissaries of Evil and Sinister Syndicate keywords.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us later this week as we again explore the wilder side of the Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man set.  Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!