Mage Knight: Resurrection Preview

Mage Knight Resurrection HeroClix: Goblin Pillager and Khan Bonespike!

Greetings Mage Knight and HeroClix fans!

We are pleased to begin our series of previews for the Mage Knight: Resurrection set, which will be available in a 24-count gravity feed display and a six-character campaign starter this October!  Each Mage Knight: Resurrection figure incorporates SwitchClix technology and features two dials.  One dial is compatible with Mage Knight 2.0 rules while the other is fully usable with the HeroClix Powers and Abilities (PAC).

For now, we’ll turn our attention to the characters available in the gravity feed display and focus on one of the six team abilities available in the game.  Up first, we take a look at the Ascendent team ability and the gruesome Goblin Pillager!


Goblin Pillager is a 40-point character with a penchant for pilfering through his Plunder special power.  This special power, which appears on the first four clicks of Goblin Pillager’s attack slot, lets him use Super Strength.  When Goblin Pillager moves, he may pick up objects held by adjacent opposing characters. Goblin Pillager may pick up an object when he is already holding one; if he does so, choose one of the objects and remove it from the game.

In its speed slot, Goblin Pillager splits its dial with three clicks of Leap/Climb to help it find loot in low and high places.  Flurry occupies Goblin Pillager’s last three clicks as it takes a pair of unsavory swings to the more sensitive parts of an opponent’s body during a robbery.  Additionally, Goblin Pillager has an Improved Movement ability called Sneaky, Sneaky!, which allows it to move through squares adjacent to opposing characters but must still break away normally.

Defensively, Goblin Pillager starts with two clicks of Willpower, which works well with the Ascendent team ability (more on that in a moment), then follows that with a pair of Combat Reflexes clicks.

Goblin Pillager has the Broken Tusk, Brute and Orc keywords to help with theme team building.  At 40 points, Goblin Pillager leaves plenty of room for other attackers and support characters on a force.  When used in multiples, an opponent who relies on objects will need to stay on their toes as Goblin Pillager tries to steal their jewels through the Plunder special power!

Earlier, we mentioned the Ascendent team ability.  This team ability allows a character using it to modify its attack value by +1 when it is marked with one action token.  In the case of Goblin Pillager, this means he can gain a +1 attack bonus on his first two clicks when he’s got one action token.  Goblin Pillager can then ignore pushing damage because of Willpower.

Goblin Pillager isn’t exactly the type to lead.  In Mage Knight: Resurrection, that role falls to Khan Bonespike!


Coming in at 175 points, Khan Bonespike begins play with both a trait and an Epic Ability.  The trait, Khan’s Rampage, lets Khan Bonespike use Charge.  When an adjacent opposing character is KO’d and actions resolve, Khan Bonespike can use Charge as a free action.  When he does, he can use Exploit WeaknessKhan Bonespike’s Epic Ability is called Blood Roar allows you to choose up to one opposing character marked with an action token for each 200 points of the game’s build total.  The chosen characters are then dealt 1 damage.

A special power called We Will Spike the Weak appears on all but the last three clicks of Khan Bonespike’s attack slot and allows him to use Quake.  When he does and a target character that is marked with one action token is hit, that target receives a second action token.

For most of Khan Bonespike’s dial, he uses Toughness as his defensive power of choice.  The back end of Khan Bonespike’s dial sees him switch to Invulnerability.  In his damage slot, Khan Bonespike starts with Leadership, then changes up to a pair of Empower clicks.  Eventually, Khan Bonespike’s thirst for blood gets the better of him and he wades into battle with Close Combat Expert buffing up his attack and/or damage values.

Khan Bonespike has the same trio of keywords as Goblin Pillager (Broken Tusk, Brute and Orc) but also has the Blood Shamans and Ruler keywords for additional theme team building option.

Try pairing Khan Bonespike with three Goblin Pillagers in a 300-point force!  While the Goblin Pillagers dogpile opposing characters and steal their objects with the Plunder special power, Khan Bonespike can deal damage through his Blood Roar Epic Ability, then clean up any remaining messes with his own aggressive set of combat values. Charge from the Khan’s Rampage trait works with Quake from the We Will Spike the Weak special power, adding to Khan Bonespike’s playability!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Mage Knight: Resurrection preview when we train the spotlight on more characters and another team ability from the mighty and mystical world of Mage Knight!  Until then, may your Probability Control rolls be ever in your favor!