Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers Preview

Lord of the Rings HeroClix The Two Towers: Uruk-Hai and Uruk-Hai Berserker!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome travelers, we go today into Middle-Earth to preview figures from the upcoming The Two Towers HeroClix set. The largest, strongest and meanest of all the orc folk are the Uruk-Hai.


For 40 points the Uruk-Hai starts off with Charge, Willpower, and Exploit Weakness, sure to bring alarm to any Fellowship. Once in the face of an opponent, Uruk-Hai gains Plasticity and his damage value jumps to 3. At the end of his dial, Uruk-Hai switches to Flurry, providing him twice the number of close combat attacks, and Toughness, giving the ability to reduce damage.

Uruk-Hai are designed to swam an opponent and with Brute, Forces of Sauron and Isengard as their keywords it should be easy to build a formidable theme based team.


At 60 points you could add in some Uruk Berserkers. The Uruk Berserker has a trait called Berserkers Fury; this will make it so any successful attack roll made by Uruk Berserker where the result is doubles is a critical hit.

Uruk Berserker starts off with Charge, Quake, Combat Reflexes, and a 3 damage value. Uruk Berserker can use Charge and Quake together, to run up on a group of unsuspecting Halflings, and if you successfully hit with the roll of doubles, watch them all go flying.

On click 3, Uruk Berserker gains Plasticity, Toughness and Exploit Weakness. Tying up opposing figures with the ability to ignore their damage reducers will make these guys hard to handle.  On their last three clicks Uruk Berserker can use Close Combat Expert and ends his dial how it began with a 3 damage value. The Uruk Berserker might not have Willpower but with 7 clicks of life and stats like these he seems very push-able.

Uruk Berserker has the Brute, Forces of Sauron, Isengard and Warrior keywords and could easily be paired up with a Uruk-Hai to make 100 point two orc teams.

Thanks for reading! We will continue to bring you figures from the upcoming The Two Towers HeroClix set. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!