Justice League Preview

Justice League: Cyborg!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview, we spotlight a newer hero to the ranks of the New 52’s Justice League!  Please welcome Victor Stone, aka Cyborg!


Cyborg hits the battle map with a trait, Electronic Eye, which allows him to ignore other characters’ Stealth.  He has the Justice League, Robot, and Teen Titans keywords, along with the Justice League team ability.

A former high school football star, Cyborg starts his dial with a click of Running Shot to go along with his range of six.  In his attack slot he start by breaking out a Sound Amplifier (Pulse Wave), which can be used in tandem with Running Shot! Defensively, Cyborg opens with two clicks of Invulnerability to represent his steel-plated body.  He also has the Indomitable combat ability so he can use Willpower and ignore pushing damage!

Once Cyborg is off his top click, he puts the Sound Amplifier (Pulse Wave) away in favor of two clicks of his Ultrasonic Emitter (Poison). Mid-dial, Toughness replaces Invulnerability in Cyborg’s defensive slot. On click three, Exploit Weakness shows up in Cyborg’s damage slot and represents his enhanced intelligence finding flaws in his opponents’ game plans.  Pulse Wave returns on clicks four and five.

Leap/Climb appears at the end of Cyborg’s dial in his movement slot, which allows him some options with respect to the other powers that appear on his dial.  Defensively, Cyborg drops Toughness and his Self-Repair Systems appear in the form of RegenerationExploit Weakness makes a return as well.

At only 100 points, Cyborg leaves plenty of room on a force for other attackers and/or support characters.

That’s all we have for today!  Please join us again when we uncover more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Justice League set, which features more than 20 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dials for the characters of the New 52 DC Universe!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!