Captain America Preview

Hyde and Sneak!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today brings us a special double preview of one of villaindom’s oldest and perhaps oddest pairings.  Originally joining forces to combat their mutual enemy, Thor, these two represent both brains and brawn, stealth and savagery! We begin our preview today with Mister Hyde!

At 81 points, Mister Hyde brings a potent punch to your force.  Hyde begins the game with modest combat values as he begins the battle, and your opponent may be lured in by what they believe to be an easy target, but appearances are often deceiving when Mister Hyde is involved!  Hyde begins the game with Charge and Super Strength which allows him to maneuver and attack opposing figures while grabbing an object to increase his damage value.  While Toughness helps protect Hyde from some retaliatory damage, getting hit actually makes him more dangerous as his combat values and his damage potential both increase!

Close Combat Expert ramps up the offensive potential early- to mid-dial, while Hyde retains his Super Strength for most of his dial preserving your options for increased damage output! Toughness is eventually replaced by Invulnerability as Hyde’s combat values continue to increase and Battle Fury demonstrates Hyde’s savagery in combat!

The Masters of Evil team ability allows Hyde to continue pushing beyond his second action token, giving you another option to reach his more savage clicks as well as possibly control Hyde’s development (de-evolution?) during the course of the game! All in all, Hyde makes an aggressive addition to your force, and an interesting co-conspirator for his former partner,  Cobra!

Immediately, players and fans alike will notice that Cobra is a slippery customer! Leadership represents his brief stint as both commander of the Serpent Society as well as his partnership with Mister Hyde, while Leap/Climb demonstrates his ability to move through and around the tightest of obstacles.  Cobra’s No Essssscape special power allows him the opportunity to potentially lock down opposing characters and force a breakaway roll even if they possess Hypersonic Speed or Leap/Climb themselves!

Speaking of breakaway, Cobra’s Slithery Duo Trait grants him Plasticity throughout his dial making him a difficult foe to escape!  Also, if paired with Mister Hyde, both figures modify their attack values by +1! (And if that weren’t sufficient reason to play the two together, Mister Hyde and Cobra add up to 150 points which is only half of a standard tournament build!)

Early- to mid-dial Cobra picks up Poison as he demonstrates the venomous aggression of his namesake, while he adds Shape Change to represent his ability to contort and squeeze out of harm’s way.  Not only is Cobra difficult to get away from, he’s a tough customer to hit and damage as Toughness absorbs some of the damage dealt to him.

Mid-dial Cobra exchanges Toughness for Combat Reflexes as he engages in melee with his opponents and really puts his flexibility to work in combat! Toward the end of his dial Cobra picks up Toughness again as he relies on his armor to protect him from any late-game attacks!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this double feature preview! If you’re at Origins this weekend, be sure to stop by our Tournament Headquarters and say “Hi!” as well as by our demo tables for a quick introduction to some of our newest additions to the WizKids family of games!