2013 Convention Exclusive Preview

HeroClix on the Road 2013: Superman and Wonder Woman

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For our third HeroClix prize preview of the 2013 convention season, we decided to bring a little romance to the convention season in the form of Superman and Wonder Woman.  This duo brings also features the new power, Invincible, which can be found on the 2013 HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card.

D-009-Superman_WWWhat could possibly be better than having Superman or Wonder Woman on your team? Why, having them together on the same dial as a duo figure of course!  Superman and Wonder Woman bring the Strength of Two Heroes (Trait) to the table where they can use Super Strength to pick up 2 separate objects to use in different attacks that they make with the duo combat ability.  The trait also allows them to use Charge in place of one of the attacks if they need to get in close to the opponent.

If Superman and Wonder Woman are too far away to charge, they can always use the Nowhere to Hide (Running Shot) to shoot the opponent with their Power from a Distance (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) to crack through an opponent’s defense.  If that’s not enough, the Man of Steel & Princess of Themyscira  special power allows them to use Improved Movement Blocking (Burst) & Characters to charge through walls to attack their opponent.  Plus, they have limited protection from Outwit (because, really, how could you Outwit both Superman and Wonder Woman easily?)

This duo is also hard to hurt as they have the power of Kryptonians… (Impervious) …and Amazons (Invincible) to reduce the damage to them with Invincible allowing them to ignore half of the damage dealt to them.  Even at the end of their dial, Superman and Wonder Woman are Faster than a Speeding Bullet & Bulletproof Bracelets (Special Power) as they can use Energy Shield/Deflection, Super Senses, and Toughness to protect them from harm.

Teamwork is also a hallmark of Superman and Wonder Woman in the Wrapped Up & Knocked Out (Special Power) as they can use Incapacitate and still deal their printed damage value to the successfully hit targets.  Use this power at range and you can incapacitate 2 targets while still dealing your printed damage value.  Finally, opponents have nowhere to hide as this duo figure has the Superman Ally team ability and also represents teamwork with the Justice League team ability.

Gen Con Indy is the first convention that this figure will be available at as a prize. Tune in later this week as we still have a long way to go, and all we do is get older waiting for convention season to start.

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