Fellowship of the Ring Preview

Fellowship of the Ring: Ringwraith and Witch-king of Angmar!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We are pleased to begin our series of previews for the Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix set by looking at former Kings of Men who became some of Sauron’s most powerful thralls; the Ringwraith and Witch-king of Angmar! First, let’s take a look at Ringwraith!


Coming into play at 125 points, Ringwraith hits the battlefield with a trait called Poisoned DartsPoisoned Darts lets Ringwraith use PoisonRingwraith may make a ranged combat attack as a free action targeting all characters that damaged a friendly character with the Nazgul keyword last turn.  When Ringwraith does, his damage value becomes 2 and is locked.

Ringwraith begins his dial with Phasing/Teleport and Quake in the speed and attack slots, respectively.  Quake also appears on Ringwraith’s next two clicks.  Ringwraith can also make ranged attacks up to 4 squares away.  In the damage slot, Ringwraith starts with three clicks of Exploit Weakness as its Morgul blade easily pierces the thickest armor.  Defensively, Ringwraith opens with four clicks of Invulnerability.

On Ringwraith’s next two clicks the only change to its power set is in the speed slot, where Phasing/Teleport is replaced by Stealth. Stealth appears in the speed slot for the remainder of Ringwraith’s dial.  On the back half of Ringwraith’s dial, Quake is replaced by Blades/Claws/Fangs.

At 125 points, Ringwraith makes a great addition to forces that are built around the Forces of Sauron, Mystical, Nazgul, Ringbearer, Ruler, and Warrior keywords.

This brings us to the Witch-king of Angmar, who comes in at 200 points and hits the battlefield with both a trait and an epic ability.


The trait, Black Breath, allows Witch-king of Angmar to use Poison and potentially deal penetrating damage back to an opponent if he’s dealt damage from an attack and the damage has been reduced.  The epic ability is called Shatter the Gates and allows Witch-king of Angmar to do one of the following when he’s given an epic action:  1) remove all blocking terrain markers, 2) remove all hindering terrain markers, 3) remove all light object tokens or 4) remove all heavy object tokens.

Witch-king of Angmar has a range of eight squares and two targets and has Phasing/Teleport on each of his nine clicks.  In his attack slot, Witch-king of Angmar starts with Telekinesis as he uses ancient sorceries to move objects and characters around the map.  On his next two clicks, he switches to Penetrating/Psychic BlastWitch-king of Angmar continues his ranged assault with three clicks of Energy Explosion.  On those same three clicks Witch-king of Angmar gains Exploit Weakness for those who are foolish enough to get into close combat with the Lord of the Nazgul!  Finally, on his last three clicks Witch-king of Angmar can deal up to six clicks of damage via Blades/Claws/Fangs!

Defensively, Witch-king of Angmar has the Indomitable combat ability.  He starts out with a bare value of 18, then picks up Invulnerability on his next two clicks.  That’s followed by four clicks of Toughness as he continues to absorb damage dealt to him.  On his last two clicks, he can potentially reduce damage dealt to him to 0 via Impervious!

At 200 points, Witch-king of Angmar makes up a good portion of your force when used in lower-point events.  However, he makes a great leader for the Ringwraith and even shares all the same keywords:  Forces of Sauron, Mystical, Nazgul, Ringbearer, Ruler, and Warrior.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again when we reveal more secrets from Middle-earth in the Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix set due out in stores this June!  Until then, may your Regeneration rolls be as delightful as a second breakfast!