Fellowship of the Ring Preview

Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix: Orc Warrior & Orc Archer!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview from the upcoming Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix set. The Forces of Sauron were made from legions of Middle-earth’s monsters and today we look upon the armies of Orcs with an Orc Warrior and an Orc Archer.


The Orc Warrior will be the first into the fray making full use of his first two clicks of Charge. On the Orc Warriors top 3 clicks on his damage slot he has a special power called “Frenzied Attack”. This will allow the Orc Warrior to use Probability Control, but only for his own attack rolls. When he does, if the target character is hit, deal 1 penetrating damage instead of dealing damage normally.

On click 3 the Orc Warrior gains the use of Toughness, and he finishes out his dial with some Flurry.

The Orc Warrior is meant to be played in groups and for just 35 points it will be easy to field a whole squad of these guys. As far as thematic team building goes the Orc Warrior lends himself to teams like Forces of Sauron, Monster, Orc, and Warrior.


Joining in on the fight is the Orc Archer, who starts out with a special power called “Blacken the Sky”. If the Orc Archer is adjacent to a friendly character with which he shares a keyword and which has a range value of 5 or greater, then the Orc Archer gets to ignores hindering and elevated terrain for line of fire purposes. The rest of the Orc Archers top dial has Toughness and Enhancement.

On the next 3 clicks the Orc Archer over laps Running Shot with Willpower while still holding on to his special attack power for clicks 2 and 3. On Clicks 4 and 5 Orc Archer regains the use of Enhancement.

For 40 points the Orc Archer is his own best friend. Over lapping “Blacken the Sky” with Enhancement and a 7 range, just line 3 of these guys up and let loss your volley of arrows. Being able to build theme should be easy as with the Orc Warrior, the Orc Archer has Forces of Sauron, Monster, and Orc but also has Soldier for keywords.

If you and some friends are going to gather around and play a 500 point Epic Battle, I would look at playing with these two guys and building a Forces of Sauron themed team. Start off with 3 Orc Archers for 120 points, 3 Orc Warriors for 105 points, then add in LOTR #205 Captain Lurtz for some Leadership, LOTR #007 Gorbag for even more Leadership and Enhancement, LOTR #19 Sauron to bring in some Outwit and Probability Control, and you will have 19 points to round out with some Horde Tokens. Or play around and go in your own direction.

Thanks for reading! Please join us for our next exciting Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix preview. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!