Fellowship of the Ring Preview

Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix: Galadriel!

Greetings HeroClix Fans! 

And welcome back as we take another look at a figure from the upcoming Fellowship of the Rings HeroClix set.   Today we visit the land of Lothlorien to meet the leader of this land’s Elves, the fair Galadriel!


Galadriel has an Epic Action ability called  Look Into My Mirror.  When given an Epic Action, you get to choose a friendly character for every 200 points of the build total, and until your next turn, the chosen figures can use Probability Control as long as they occupy hindering terrain.   Galadriel also has a trait called Fairest of All Beings, which allows her to use Super Senses, and when she does so successfully, the attacking figure gets an action token.

As a unique figure, Galadriel brings some solid assistance to your force, first with a few clicks of Defend, to share her defense values with adjacent friendly figures.  If a a friendly figure is damaged, Galadriel has the ability to heal them for a good stretch of her dial with Support.  However, Galadriel is not just an expensive support piece, as her Penetrating Psychic Blast will allow her to target figures up to 10 squares away, by passing any damage reducers they may possess.  A couple of clicks into her dial, Galadriel gives up Defend for Willpower, allowing her to attack foes, or heel friendly figures without fear of pushing damage.

Another click into her dial and Galadriel trades Penetrating Psychic Blast for a special power called Even the Smallest Person Can Change the Course of the Future.  This special power allows you to give  Galadriel a double power action, and when you do, all combat values of the lowest point cost friendly figure who is also 100 points or less are modified by +1 until your next turn.  This special power will overlap with one click of Willpower, allowing you to ignore the pushing damage from this double power action.  After this, Regeneration will allow Galadriel the opportunity to heel herself after a round of clearing.

Galadriel can be played in theme with her fellow Ringbearers, her people the Elves, other magic wielding Mystical beings, or with other leaders as a team of Rulers.  No matter the force you choose to include her on, at 110 points, Galadriel’s solid attack values and ability to support your force as well as attack her enemies will always be a welcome addition. 

Thanks for joining us for our latest Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix preview.  Join us later this week as we explore even more realms of HeroClix to come, and until then keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!