HALO Preview

Fear the Elite!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview spotlights the devoted warriors of the Covenant, the Elites! We begin with the Elite Zealot!

At 121 points, the Elite Zealot is an aggressive and potent addition to your Covenant force.  The Elite Zealot begins play with Charge as he moves in against his enemies and attacks with Blades/Claws/Fangs! Both Leadership and Outwit are available to the Elite Zealot by means of his Field Master special power.  This special power makes the Elite Zealot a doubly dangerous foe as he counters his foes’ powers and potentially removes tokens from friendly figures!

Initially the Elite Zealot enjoys the protection of Invulnerability which gives way mid- to late-dial to Toughness.  Towards the end of the Elite Zealot’s dial, he loses Blades/Claws/Fangs but gains Flurry which, when combined with his consistent combat values (his attack never drops below  9!), makes the Elite Zealot a dangerous enemy until the end!

Lastly, the Elite Zealot adds two to the Grenade pool and is able to use the Thermite and Plasma Grenade types itself! Consider also the Covenant team ability and the Elite Zealot is a capable piece ready to dish out some pain on behalf of the Covenant!

Next up we have the Cloaked Elite!

The Cloaked Elite begins play manuevering around its enemies and terrain with great ease thanks to Leap/Climb, allowing it to take the best position for ranged attacks.  The Cloaked Elite’s Radioactive Rounds special power allows it to use Energy Explosion and deal penetrating damage to its target! At 7 range and with consistent attack values, the Cloaked Elite can certainly hit its targets!

Initially, Super Senses helps protect the Cloaked Elite from retaliatory attacks while mid-dial it enjoys some damage reduction thanks to Toughness as it switches tactics from relying on its active camo to more conventional defenses.

After two clicks of Toughness, the Cloaked Elite regains Super Senses while Stealth allows it to hide with greater effectiveness from enemy eyes!

Like the Elite Zealot before it, the Cloaked Elite adds two Grenades to the Grenade pool and enjoys the use of both the Thermite and Flash Bang Grenade types itself.  At 73 points the Cloaked Elite can easily take advantage of the Covenant team ability and carry other friendly figures with the same team ability (and lower point cost of course).

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to check in with us next week as we continue our HALO HeroClix previews!