Preview Superman

Escape From The Phantom Zone!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our DC HeroClix: Superman previews with a special three for one today! Confined to the Phantom Zone for years, and blaming Superman’s birth father, Jor-El for the destruction of their home planet, this trio of Kryptonian powerhouses have been both allies and enemies to the Man of Steel.   We begin today’s preview with the silent strongman, Non!

A mute, Non let’s his actions speak for him! Early- to mid-dial Charge with opening clicks of first Impervious and then Invulnerability allow Non to aggressively move in to combat his foes.  Non’s Lobotomized Strongman Trait allows a full dial of Super Strength but also confers a +1 bonus to damage dealt whenever he attacks with an object! Now that’s strong!

Late-dial Non softens a bit as he picks up Toughness and switches tactics as he gains Flurry.  However, his full dial of Super Strength and Flight plus his Indomitable ability ensures that Non will remain a threat well into the late-game!

At only 150 points and with very aggressive combat values, Non will make an excellent addition to your force.  Pair him with any number of the other figures in this set with the Superman Enemy team ability and enjoy the additional benefit of Outwit being added to one of your figures! For example, let’s look at the next figure from our terrible trio, Ursa!

As much as Non is an in your face combatant, Ursa prefers to attack from the shadows.  Ursa’s ranged potential is extremely effective as she opens up with her Kryptonian Black Ops special power which gives Ursa access to both Running Shot and Stealth.  Combine this with Ursa’s X-Ray Vision trait which allows her to ignore Hindering Terrain when drawing line of fire for attacks as well as her Penetrating/Psychic Blast standard power, and Ursa becomes even deadlier!

Mid-dial, Ursa picks up the Light Sensitive special power which grants her a +1 attack bonus whenever she occupies hindering terrain while she also transitions from Invulnerability to Toughness.  However, at the same time Ursa gains Hypersonic Speed as she beomes even more aggressive in combat!

Late-dial, Ursa also gains Incapacitate and Ranged Combat Expert which allows her to switch her attack styles depending on who her target may be.

At 150 points and an aggressive power set, Ursa will pair nicely with Non, or team them both up with their inspiring commander, Zod!

At 188 points, Zod is ready to lead his forces into battle and woe be unto those in his way! Zod’s Defend New Krypton My Way trait confers a +1 bonus to the attack values of friendly adjacent figures, or friendly figures with the Phantom Zone keyword!  Talk about an inspiring command!

With an opening click of Running Shot, Super Strength, Leadership, and Impervious, Zod is ready to lead his forces into battle and stay on the front lines! Early- to mid-dial, he gains his Kneel Before Zod special power which targets each opposing character within two squares with zero or one action token.  If the controlling player does not place an additional action token on the affected figures, the targetted figures are instead dealt two penetrating damage!

At the same time Zod also gains his special power, The Most Dangerous Kryptonian Alive which is triggered if there is an opposing figure with the Superman Ally team ability present in the game.  When this happens, figures friendly to Zod cannot use the Superman Enemy team ability and instead each figure with that team ability gain the use of Outwit!

Mid- to late Dial, Zod transitions from Invulnerbility to Toughness as he picks up Penetrating/Psychic Blast and then Blades/Claws/Fangs.  At the end of his Dial, Zod also gains Charge and his special power, The Most Dangerous Kryptonian Alive again.

WIth very aggressive special and standard powers as well as extremely effective and consistent combat values, Zod is certain to make his share of opposing figures kneel before him!  Flight, the Superman Enemy team ability, and the Indomitable ability all ensure that Zod will remain a feared adversary for many a game!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this very special triple-preview today.  Be sure to join us next week as we visit with 2010 World HeroClix Champion George Massu for a peek behind the curtain at his special player-designed figure! Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!