Captain America Preview

Diamonds Are This Girl’s Best Friend

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today we spotlight a former paramour of Captain America who actually started on the wrong side of the law! Our preview is none other than the former Serpent Society member, Diamondback!

Diamondback is adept at ranged attacks with her specialized artificial diamonds and at 74 points this figure is proof of that!  Her early-dial starts off with Running Shot as she manuevers into position to best use her custom weapons, while Energy Shield/Deflection helps protect her from ranged retaliation.  Incapacitate ties up her foes as Diamondback begins with her less-than-lethal Sleep Diamonds, but later she goes on the offensive with her trademark Exploding Diamonds (Energy Explosion)!

Diamondback also picks up some new tricks mid-dial when she demonstrates her superior agility via her Well-Balanced Attack special power.  Diamondback’s special power allows her to Running Shot, and when she hits her target, she may move up to two additional squares as a free action after the action resolves!

Combat Reflexes and a higher defense value helps Diamondback avoid trouble and towards the end of her dial she brings out her Armor-Piercing Diamonds (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) to put her enemies down for the count!

With a move and attack power on every click and consistent combat values, Diamondback will make an aggressive and effective secondary attacker for a variety of strategies.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Diamondback preview today and that you’ll join us later this week as we check in with a perfidious pair with  a penchant for getting out of tight spaces and busting heads.   Until then, be sure to catch up with us at Origins and keep on clixing!