DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our preview of the Justice League team dial with a look at Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as they beam down from the Watchtower onto their individual SwitchClix dials.  These three figures, which are included with the Justice League team dial, can be found in DC HeroClix: Teen Titans super boosters.


We start off our trinity of goodness with the Man of Steel.  Superman has two point costs. When he begins play on his 240-points starting line you get to use his trait, Not From Around Here.  With this trait, Superman’s powers can’t be countered when he has no action tokens.  On Superman’s top click he has Running Shot, Super Strength, and an 18 defense with Impervious.  He also has a special power in his damage slot called Under a Yellow Sun, which modifies an opposing character’s damage value by -1 when that character targets Superman with a ranged attack.

Next, Superman gains two clicks of Charge and keeps Super Strength and Impervious.  On his second click, Superman has Ranged Combat Expert.  On his fourth click, Superman gains Hypersonic Speed, allowing him to move, make an attack and then finish out his movement if he has any left over, in true speeding-bullet style.

Click four is where Superman’s 120-point line starts, and here he has Hypersonic Speed, Invulnerability and Under a Yellow Sun.  On click six, Superman gets up close and personal with Charge and Super Strength.  On the next click, Superman regains Running Shot and, utilizing his range of eight squares with two targets, this gets him a 12-square swing in which to attack from range.  Superman’s last two clicks are a combination of Charge, Close Combat Expert and Toughness.

Superman’s has the wing speed combat symbol on his dial, which allows him to use the Carry and Flight abilities.  He also has the Indomitable combat ability, which grants him the use of Willpower so that he may ignore pushing damage.

Superman has the Justice League and Superman Ally team abilities; the latter gives Superman the ability to treat hindering terrain as clear terrain for movement and line of fire purposes.  If theme building is your game, Superman has Justice League, Kryptonian, Metropolis, Reporter, and Trinity keywords.

Up next in our trinity is the guardian of Gotham City, Batman!


Like Superman above, Batman has two starting point values (130 and 100 points).  Batman has a trait called That Won’t Work, You Know where opposing characters within 6 squares can’t ignore pushing damage.  So much for all those resources granting the ability to use Willpower!  Batman can use two team abilities Justice League and Batman Ally, the latter of which grants Batman the use of Stealth.  On Batman’s combat dial he gains the use of Willpower through the Indomitable ability.

Starting on his 130-point line, Batman has two clicks of Leap/Climb and two clicks of a defensive special power called Dark Knight, which allows Batman the use of Combat Reflexes and Toughness.  With a range of six squares and two targets, Batman has the use of Incapacitate, which he can also use in close combat.  A special damage power called Striking Fear lets Batman use Outwit and Shape Change.  He can also use Perplex but only to modify other characters’ combat values.  On his second click, Batman picks up Smoke Cloud and Outwit.

We start Batman’s 100-point dial with three clicks of Leap/Climb for movement.  On click three, Batman has the use of Incapacitate, Toughness and Striking Fear.  On click four, Batman drops Incapacitate and picks up Perplex.  On his next click, he gains the use of Smoke Cloud, Outwit, and his special defense power, Dark Knight.

On click six, Batman gains the use of Flurry, keeps Smoke Cloud, and regains the use of both Toughness and Perplex.  On his final click he keeps Flurry and regains Dark Knight.  On his damage slot, Batman picks up Close Combat Expert, proving that Batman won’t go down without a fight!

When searching for teams to build with Batman, take a look at his keywords like Batman Family, Gotham City, Justice League, and Trinity.


The final member of the trinity is Wonder Woman.  Like her teammates, Wonder Woman also has two point values on her dial.  This warrior queen also has a trait called Warrior Race, which allows Wonder Woman the use of Willpower but only when she is making an attack.

Wonder Woman’s 150-point starting line has a special power in her speed slot for her first three clicks called Charge of the Righteous.  This allows Wonder Woman to use Charge.  Roll a d6 after the use of this power action is resolved.  On a result of a 5 or 6, remove an action token from a friendly character with a lower point cost within four squares of Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman also has Super Strength and Invulnerability.  On her second click, Wonder Woman picks up Exploit Weakness.

On Wonder Woman’s 100-point starting line she has Charge, Invulnerability, Exploit Weakness and a special attack power called Unbreakable Lasso.  This allows Wonder Woman the use of Incapacitate as if she had a range value of 4 squares with a single target.  When Wonder Woman uses Incapacitate and hits, she can use Perplex but only to modify a combat value of the hit character by -2.

On click 5 Wonder Woman picks up Flurry and her defense changes to Toughness.  On click 6 she gains Charge of the Righteous, which we last saw in the 150-point area of her dial.  Wonder Woman picks up Super Strength and in defense she gains Combat Reflexes, allowing her to modify her defense by +2 when targeted with a close combat attack.

On click 7 Wonder Woman loses Charge of the Righteous and on her final click she regains Flurry and “Unbreakable Lasso”.

Wonder Woman does have the wing speed combat symbol, granting her the Flight and Carry abilities.  Wonder Woman, like her brothers-in-arms, all have the Justice League team ability and they also share the keywords Justice League and Trinity.  Wonder Woman’s other keywords are Amazon and Warrior.

All three figures also possess an Asset Dial ability:

  • Superman makes it so damage dealt to Justice League is reduced by 1 in addition to any other effects.
  • Batman doesn’t allow opposing characters within 5 squares of Justice League to use Perplex.
  • Wonder Woman allows Justice League to use Energy Shield/Deflection.

Thanks for reading! Please join us for more upcoming and exciting DC HeroClix: Teen Titans previews.  Until then, Shape Change for the Win!