DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Red Tornado!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

A wind advisory is in effect for today’s DC HeroClix: Teen Titans preview!  We are pleased to bring you a hero who mentored the members of Young Justice.  Here’s Red Tornado!


Red Tornado comes into play at 143 points and has a range of 7 squares and one target for his ranged attacks.  Having served as an active and auxiliary member of the Justice League, Red Tornado also has the JLA team ability.

He begins his dial with a click of Phasing/Teleport and a speed value of 10, allowing him to quickly close in on opposing characters.  Red Tornado’s attack slot starts with a special power called Destructive Cyclones, which allows him to use Telekinesis.  When he does, lines of fire between Red Tornado, A, and B are only blocked by walls and indoor blocking terrain.  Red Tornado’s indestructible body is represented via Impervious and a defense value of 18.

As we move off Red Tornado’s top click, Destructive Cyclones remains and Force Blast takes over for Phasing/Teleport as he uses strong winds to knock back opposing characters.  Defensively, Impervious drops to Invulnerability.  In his damage slot, Red Tornado pummels his foes with blasting winds (Ranged Combat Expert).  This array of powers appears on clicks 2 and 3.

The middle two clicks of Red Tornado’s dial sees another change in the android’s power set.  Running Shot replaces Force Blast, giving him the ability to attack after moving up to half of his speed value.  Running Shot is paired nicely with Pulse Wave in his attack slot as Red Tornado unleashes all his power.  Super Senses occupies Red Tornado’s defense slot as his opponents try to land attack on him while he sits comfortably in the eye of the storm.

On Red Tornado’s last two clicks we see the return of Phasing/Teleport and Destructive CyclonesRegeneration appears in his defense slot, allowing Red Tornado to heal some damage.  In his damage slot, Red Tornado foregoes the ranged attacks and instead uses his fists (Close Combat Expert) to get the message across that he’s not to be trifled with!

You may think that Red Tornado’s a standing target on all but his Running Shot clicks but he also enters the battlefield with a trait called Unchecked Winds which makes him difficult to target from range.  Unchecked Winds reads, “When Red Tornado has no action tokens, opposing characters more than 6 squares away can’t draw line of fire to him.

Red Tornado has an appealing set of combat values:  His never falls below a 16, and on those clicks he has Super Senses.  His attack values start at 11 and stay fairly consist, never dipping below a 10 until his last three clicks.  His base damage values remain at 3 until his last two clicks, in which he also has Close Combat Expert!

For theme play, Red Tornado has the Justice League, Robot and Young Justice keywords.  At 143 points, Red Tornado takes up a significant portion on your force but his power set and combat values (and the Unchecked Winds trait) make him appealing.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Teen Titans preview when we check-in with a Titan with a keen detective mind.  Until then, may your lines of fire never be blocked!