DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Gen 13’s Fairchild and Grunge!

Published on March 15th, 2013

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

Today we continue our look at the Gen-13 Team Base from the DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set!  In our last article, we previewed the three figures that are packaged with the team base:  #072 Burnout, #073 Sarah Rainmaker, and #74 Freefall.  Now, the spotlight turns toward the last two members of the team, both of whom come in the standard five-figure booster packs.

First up, let’s check out Gen-13’s team leader, Fairchild!


When Caitlin Fairchild was first introduced to comic book fans, she was a ninety-pound mousy computer whiz.  Fairchild comes into play with a trait called My Clothes Always Rip & Then Everybody Stares that represents her transformation from a shy bookworm to a superhuman beauty.  My Clothes Always Rip & Then Everybody Stares allows Fairchild to use Shape Change but only succeeds on a roll of a 6.

Fairchild can be played at 100 or 75 points.  She begins her dial with two clicks of Leap/Climb in her speed slot to show her agility.  That’s paired with Super Strength on the same clicks as she shows off how strong she’s become.  Fairchild has the Indomitable combat ability, which allows her to use Willpower, and starts her dial defensively with two clicks of Impervious.  As Gen-13’s team leader, Fairchild starts with Leadership on her first two clicks.

Mid-dial, Fairchild changes up most of her power set.  Super Strength remains for her middle two clicks but Leap/Climb is replaced by Charge, and Leadership is dropped in favor of Exploit Weakness.  On those same two clicks, Invulnerability replaces Impervious in Fairchild’s defense slot.

Leap/Climb makes a return on Fairchild’s last two clicks but Toughness becomes her defensive power as she starts to wear down.  Quake appears on Fairchild’s fifth click as she makes a late-dial attempt to knock back and damage any opposing characters.  Finally, when Fairchild is attached to her team base (#T004 Gen-13) and her image is shown on the Asset Dial, you may use Super Strength.

Fairchild only has one keyword (Gen-13) to aid with theme-team building but is a viable choice for teams that need a heavy hitter, thanks to her early mix of Impervious and Leadership and mid-dial combo of Super Strength, Charge and Exploit Weakness.

This brings us to the final member of the Gen-13 Team Base, the slacker known as Grunge!


Grunge comes into play at 63 points and, like the rest of his teammates, only has the Gen-13 keyword for theme-team building.  He begins his dial with Phasing/Teleport on the first two clicks of his speed slot as he melds with his surroundings.  Grunge also has the Transporter combat ability, which allows him to use the Carry and Move and Attack abilities.  Super Strength occupies Grunge’s attack slot on the same two clicks.

In Grunge’s defense slot he starts with a special power called Molecular Absorption that represents his ability to take on the properties of anything he touches.  Molecular Absorption lets Grunge use Toughness.  When Grunge successfully attacks an object or a character holding an object or an assigned relic, remove that object from the game.  If the removed object was a heavy object, Grunge can use Invulnerability instead until your next turn.  If the removed object is a relic, he can use Impervious instead until your next turn.

On Grunge’s third click he loses Phasing/Teleport but retains Super StrengthMolecular Absorption also remains in his defense slot.  In his damage slot, Grunge gains Perplex to represent the photographic memory he tries to hide, lest it make him look like nerd.  As we begin the back half of Grunge’s dial, Perplex and Molecular Absorption remain.  However, Steal Energy replaces Super Strength as he absorbs matter to heal himself.

On Grunge’s last two clicks, Steal Energy remains but defensively he gains Regeneration to give him a secondary means of self-healing.  Phasing/Teleport also returns on those two clicks so that Grunge can escape to safety if needed.  But there are also times when Grunge has to stay and fight – or show off to impress either Freefall or Fairchild.  For those times, Grunge has Close Combat Expert on his last two clicks to represent the martial arts skills he’s gained from watching too many action films.

Finally, when Grunge is attached to the Gen-13 Team Base and his image is shown on the Asset Dial, you may use Move and Attack ability.  Grunge has a steady set of combat values and makes an ideal choice if you need a secondary hitter who can also play a support role.  Front-dial Super Strength and Molecular Absorption make Grunge a hard hitter who can remove objects while Perplex allows him to modify combat abilities where needed.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next week for our next DC HeroClix: Teen Titans previews as we visit a Colony of people who are going Nowhere! Until then, may your Probability Control rolls always be in your favor!

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