DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview Team Bases

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Deathstroke and Osiris Villains for Hire!

Greetings Heroclix fans!

Today we continue our preview of the Titans: Villains for Hire Team Base from the upcoming DC Heroclix: Teen Titans set. We will start off today with the Titans: Villains for Hire’s highly feared leader, Deathstroke!


The first thing you notice about Deathstroke is his Improved Movement combat abilitycalled Trained Assassin. This power allows Deathstroke to ignore hindering terrain and other characters for movement purposes.  Deathstroke also has the Sharpshooter combat ability as well as the Indomitable combat ability.

Deathstroke also starts out with a special defensive power called Counter Attack, that he keeps most of his dial, which says “Deathstroke can use Super Senses and Toughness. Each time Deathstroke evades an attack with Super Senses, modify his attack and damage values by +1 during your next turn if he targets the attacking character with an attack.”  This power is helpful with his 10 movement Running Shot, which later turns into Stealth, and 11 attack Penetrating/Psychic Blast.

Deathstroke has a helpful special damage power as well called Leading by Fear, which states “Deathstroke can use Leadership. When he succeeds, be can remove an action token normally or he can remove 2 tokens from any adjacent friendly characters that share a keyword with him if he deals one of them 1 unavoidable damage.”  This allows him to free up his teammates to do more attacks on the battlefield. Deathstroke’s dial ends with runs Phasing/Teleport, to get to where he will be most useful on the battlefield, or attempt to use his Regeneration, found on his last two clicks.  Blades/Claws/Fangs will allow him to try for big damage, while Battle Fury will remove his range attack ability, as well as offer protection from Mind Control and Incapacitate.

Deathstroke can be played in theme on teams using the Assassin, Martial Artist, Society, Soldier, Titans and Villains for Hire keywords.       The Calculator team ability will allow Deathstroke to use friendly figures team abilitiesAt only 148, Deathstroke puts the hurting on your opponent.

Deathstroke also brings Outwit to his team when attached to the T-003 Villains for Hire team dial. He also modifies attack and damage values by +1 when the team character attacks The Mark.

Next up is the one time Teen Titan, Osiris!


Osiris comes flying in at just 121 points to help out his friends in the Titans: Villains for Hire. Osiris has a trait called Courage of Mehen which says “Osiris can’t be targeted by Incapacitate or Mind Control. “  Osiris also has the Calculator team ability that allows him to copy other team member’s team abilities.

Osiris’ dial starts out with a 10 movement with Charge. Osiris also has Super Strength with a 10 attack and a printed 3 damage. Osiris has Probability Control to on these clicks as well to help with ensure rolls go in his favor. Osiris also has Impervious to protect him from hits.

Osiris’ middle dial has Hypersonic Speed with a 9 speed value. Osiris also has a special attack power called Call the Lightning. This special power says “Osiris has a range of 4. When he makes a range combat attack and hits, choose: increase damage dealt by 1, or after actions resolve, heal Osiris of 1 damage.”  Osiris has this special power from his fourth click onwards, allowing him to possibly heal back up to his third click. Osiris also ends his dial with Willpower, to act without fear of pushing, and Close Combat Expert, to allow him to relentlessly pummel a foe.

While on the T-003 Titans: Villains for Hire team dial, Osiris gives the team base Charge. Also, after the team base resolves a move action, if they are adjacent to The Mark, you may give them a close combat attack as a free action.

That wraps up the preview for today.  Be sure to come back Friday as conclude our look at the Titans: Villains for Hire Team Base from the upcoming  DC Heroclix: Teen Titans set, and until next time keep those dials turning.