DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Cyborg, Raven, and Wonder Girl!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our previews of the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set.  In our last article, we took a look at the New Teen Titans Team Base, the new rules it brings to the game, and the asset dial.  We also took a brief look at another innovation to the game, SwitchClix, and saw how all of the figures work with the team dial.  As promised, today we dive into the figures that come packaged with New Teen Titans Team Base, and their SwitchClix dials.  We shall start off with the mechanical man with the genius level IQ, Cyborg!


As a mentor and long-standing member of the Teen Titans, Cyborg starts out his dial with Running Shot.  Since this guy works so well with others, we see some Enhancement, and knowing Cyborg will be in the fight, he rounds out his top click with some Toughness to help reduce some damage.  On his second click, he loses his Running Shot but gains Penetrating/Psychic Blast, which is sure to bust through the toughest of opponents, along with some Perplex , which will help out with stat modification either on himself or the enemy.

On clicks 3 and 4 Cyborg has Leap/Climb, which will easily help him to reposition during the game, and Energy Shield/Deflection will help protect him from ranged attacks.

In his late dial, Cyborg has all the powers from the front of his dial again, laid out in almost the same way, but ending in a click of Regeneration  to hopefully keep Cyborg in the fight to save the world.

Cyborg has a 6 range with 2 targets and the Teen Titans team ability, which will allow him to either heal himself or help out follow Teen Titans team members.  Coming in at just 103 points, he also has the Robot and Teen Titans keywords to help with some fun theme team building.

For Team Base use, Cyborg attaches to T-001, New Teen Titans, and his image on the Asset Dial, when it appears and should you choose to use it, will make it so his team base can’t be the target of opposing figures Probability Control.

Next on our Teen Titans list is a character whom we last saw in Dc HeroClix: Icons, Raven!


Raven has the Wing speed symbol, granting her both the Carry and Flight abilities, along with the Mystics and Teen Titans team abilities.  Raven also has a Wild Dial, accessible by a power in her dial.

Raven’s first two clicks are exactly what we would expect of her, with Phasing/Teleport and high movement, giving her the option to carry a friend where they are needed most. She has a 6 range and can use Barrier for a couple of clicks.  Probability Control will allow Raven to manipulate dice rolls to her benefit, while Support) will allow her to take advantage of her allies with the Teen Titans team ability, and both powers rotate back and forth down her dial.

In her mid-dial, we see what makes Raven daddy’s little darling with a defensive special power called Daughter of Trigon. This will allow Raven to continue to use Barrier but when this click is revealed you must stop turning the dial and roll a d6; on a result of 5 or 6 turn Ravens dial to click 7.  We’ll get to click 7 in a bit.

If you don’t have to turn her dial, Raven picks up Stealth and a special attack power called I See Your Fears…, which will help Raven evade an attack by letting her use Super Senses when her attacker has one or more action tokens.  Raven finishes out her dial with Willpower overlapping with her Support and Phasing/Teleport, still backed with her 6 range, giving her a lot of options in the late game.

Now what happens if you do have to turn her dial to click 7?  You reveal Trigon’s Daughter.

Raven’s movement slot gets a special power called The Darkest Magic, which allows her to use Phasing/Teleport. Your opponent will also have to determine if attacking her is worth it, as when she deals unavoidable damage with the Mystics team ability, she now deals 2 unavoidable damage, instead of 1.

This click of Raven’s dial opens up with an 11 attack, 3 damage, and Penetrating/Psychic Blast (Find Your Weakness), which is sure to crack the strongest of foes. Her 18 defense is covered with Energy Shield/Deflection, giving her a 20 defense to hit from range.  Then, if an opposing figure does manage to roll high enough to hit, she still has Probability Control to force a reroll.  Good luck?

On click number 8, Penetrating/Psychic Blast is replaced with Pulse Wave giving Raven the ability to target and damage all figures within 3 squares of her. On clicks 9 and 10, we see her I See Your Fears… special power return along with gaining Mind Control, potentially allowing her to control an opposing figure for an action.  On defense, Raven changes to Toughness to help with reducing any damage she may end up taking.  She also gains some late dial Shape Change, which will hopefully stop an opponent from being able to target her with an attack all together.

At a mere 96 points Raven’s dial looks like a lot of fun. With Mystical and Teen Titans as her keywords she should be easy to play on a theme team that would benefit from her unique dial.

Raven can also attach to T-001 New Teen Titans, and her image on the Asset Dial allows New Teen Titans to use Regeneration, when their team base is not adjacent to an opposing character.

Finally in today’s trio of Teen Titan goodness, we have Donna Troy (aka Wonder Girl)!


First, let’s take a look at Wonder Girl’s trait, which is called Trying to Lead By Example. This will allow her to use Leadership, but only when she has 1 or more action tokens.  With Ms. Troy coming in at 135 points it should be easy to find a gaggle of other Teen Titans or Amazons, her two keywords, who would benefit from her Leadership. Wonder Girl has the Wing speed symbol and the Indomitable combat ability, allowing her to use Willpower, helping her get more use out of her Leadership trait.  And like the other Teen Titans previewed today, Wonder Girl has the Teen Titans team ability, allowing her to share health with friendly, adjacent figures.

Wonder Girl starts out with 2 clicks of Charge with a 10 square movement allowing her to bring the pain. Her top click has an 11 attack and Quake letting her target multiple adjacent opponents with 2 damage and knock back.  Magic Bracelets is the defensive special power on her Wonder Girl’s first 3 clicks, letting her to use Invulnerability and Energy Shield/Deflection. This will give her the ability to reduce damage while at the same time making it harder for her to be hit with ranged combat attacks.

Wonder Girl will switch from Quake to Super Strength on clicks 2 through 4, overlapping with some Flurry on clicks 3 and 4.  Wonder Girl loses the special defense power after click 3 and gains some good ole straight-up Invulnerability, which will continue to help her reduce damage.

In her late dial, Wonder Girl regains Quake and picks up some Plasticity.  Not only will this help her to break away, if need be, but more importantly, will keep adjacent opponents right next to her so she can pound them with her Close Combat Expert.  Wonder Girl always has the ability to reduce damage dealt finishing out her dial with 2 clicks of Toughness.

Wonder Girl also can be removed from her SwitchClix base and added to T-001 New Teen Titans, and her icon on the Asset Dial allows the team to use Super Strength, as well as the Flight ability.

That is all for today, but be sure to come back Friday as we continue to look figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans, specifically the last four figures that round out the New Teen Titans Team Base.  Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!