DC HeroClix Teen TItans: Cinder, Cheshire, and Tattooed Man!

Published on March 1st, 2013

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set.  Today we look at the remaining trio from the Villains for Hire team base: Cinder, Cheshire and Tattooed Man. These three will be found with their Team base inside one of the DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Super Boosters.


Available for the first time ever in DC HeroClix, lets take a look at one hot lady, Cinder. Cinder’s top dial starts out with her two special powers. On movement we have Burn Through Anything. This will allow Cinder to use Phasing/Teleport and when she does the active player will place special terrain markers on any wall or square of blocking terrain that she moved through. For the rest of the game those areas marked with a special terrain marker will be considered clear terrain. With a starting movement of 9 Cinder could easily change the face of almost any map.

Cinder’s second special power is located in her attack slot and is called Molten Lava. This will allow Cinder to use Poison, which she can use normally or choose to deal 1 penetrating damage to a single adjacent opposing character. Cinder has a 5 click dial and keeps this special power for the first 4 clicks. On her fifth and final click she switches to Pulse Wave causing a fiery explosion with-in the 4 squares around her.

On defense Cinder can use Barrier to enact a fire shield with-in her 8 range. On clicks 3 and 4, Barrier is replaced with Energy Shield/Deflection, making it harder to hit Cinder  with ranged attacks and on click 5 Barrier returns. On clicks 2 and 3 you can utilize her 8 range with some Ranged Combat Expert.

When Cinder is attached to her Team Base, T-003 Titans: Villains for Hire, and her image is displayed on the Asset Dial, you may choose to use Phasing/Teleport. In addition when lines of fire are drawn by this team character to The Mark you ignore blocking terrain.


Our next femme fatale is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and a trained Martial Artist and has the keyword to prove it, I give you Cheshire. Cheshire’s trait proves that she is a master of the Deadliest Poisons. This will allow Cheshire to use Poison but when she does the characters that take damage from this have to modify their defense values by -1 until your next turn.

Cheshire opens up her top 3 clicks with Stealth which will allow her to utilize hindering terrain to hide in the shadows.  In her attack slots Cheshire has a special power called Toxic. When you give Cheshire a power action you will deal 1 penetrating damage to an adjacent opposing character. In her defense slot, the martial artist in her is captured with the use of Combat Reflexes, which will modify her defense by +2 when targeted by a close combat attack.

To wrap up Cheshire’s top click we have Stealth, traited Poison, an 11 attack with 3 damage, power action for 1 penetrating damage and Combat Reflexes. Who is even going to want to stand next to this deadly lady?

Coming off Cheshire’s top click in her damage slot we see that she is an expert fighter and gains some Close Combat Expert for the next 3 clicks. On click 4 Stealth turns into Charge, and now she can strike from the shadows using the many knives she carries as Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Cheshire keeps Blades/Claws/Fangs for her last 3 clicks but in her movement slot is now Leap/Climb and she maneuvers from rooftop to rooftop.  On defense Cheshire picks up some Super Senses with a side step and ends her dial with Shape Change.

When Cheshire is attached to her Team Base, T-003 Titans: Villains for Hire, and her image is displayed on the Asset Dial, this team character can use Poison.  When they do, the damage dealt to The Mark is penetrating damage.


Lastly in our Trio of villainy we have Tattooed Man. Firstly, lets look at his attack special power called Sin Grafting, which will allow Tattooed Man to use Blades/Claws/Fangs, Incapacitate, Quake, and Telekinesis. Tattooed Man keeps this special power all the way down his 6 click dial. Tattooed Man’s other special power, which he keeps on his top 4 clicks, is found in his damage slot and is called Tattoos Come to Life. This specifically states at the beginning of your turn, choose one: Close Combat Expert, Exploit Weakness, Perplex, or Shape Change. Tattooed Man can use the chosen power until your next turn. Between both of these two special powers Tattooed Man has a wide variety of options both offensively and defensively.

Tattooed Man opens up with the ability to use Leap/Climb and Super Senses on his top two clicks, making him very agile with the potential to evade attacks. On clicks 3 and 4 Super Senses is replaced with Combat Reflexes helping him to defend himself from close combat attacks by modifying his defense value by +2. Tattooed Man’s last two clicks have Phasing/Teleport and Barrier.

When Tattooed Man is attached to his Team Base, T-003 Titans: Villains for Hire, and his image is displayed on the Asset Dial, this team character can use Shape Change. When this team character is attacked by The Mark, they succeed for Shape Change on a result of 4 – 6.

As far as these three working together, they will all fit nicely on a 300 point team. Cinder is 61 points, Cheshire is 97 points, and Tattooed Man is 133 points wrapping them all up for a total of 291 points. Being they each share at least two keywords, Titans and Villains for Hire, they will easily make this team themed. Cheshire and Tattooed Man also have the Calculator Team Ability making them a wild card with the ability to use other friendly characters team abilities.

Thanks for reading and although that is all for today be sure to come back Next Time as we continue to look at figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans. Until then, be sure to keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!

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