DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Bunker!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set.  Today we take a look at Bunker, a member of New 52 Teen Titans.


Bunker starts out with a trait called Psionic Constructs.  When terrain markers are placed by Bunker they are not removed until they are destroyed or until Bunker uses a power that places that type of terrain marker on the map.

Bunker has a number of powers that will change once the new Powers and Abilities Card and HeroClix 2013 Core Rulebook become official in June, so we’ll talk about how those powers work now and how they’ll change.

Bunker’s power structure seems to match his clothing:  Very purple.  Bunker’s top three clicks all starts out the same with Force Blast and Smoke Cloud.

Currently Force Blast allows you to give the character a power action in which you would roll a d6; a single adjacent opposing character is knocked back from this character a number of squares equal to the result.  However when June comes there will be a new aspect added to Force Blast that will allow Bunker to generate knock back on any successful attack, if it doesn’t already.

Now let’s look at Smoke Cloud, which currently allows you to give the character a power action and place up to 4 hindering terrain markers in distinct squares that are all within this character’s range (minimum range value 1).  At least one of the terrain markers must be within line of fire when it’s placed.  The terrain markers remain until the beginning of your next turn.

Now let’s see how things will change in June.  Smoke Cloud is still a power action but now you get to place 6 hindering terrain markers and the minimum range value has increased to 4 squares.  What else is new, you ask?  Well, characters that occupy these terrain markers modify their attack value by -1 unless they can use Smoke Cloud or ignore hindering terrain for line of fire purposes.

On Bunker’s defense he has the use of Barrier and Toughness through a special power called Purple Constructs.

Currently Barrier allows Bunker to be given a power action and place up to 4 blocking terrain markers in adjacent squares of clear terrain that are all within this character’s range (minimum range value 1).  At least one of the terrain markers must be within line of fire when it is placed.  The terrain markers remain until the beginning of your next turn.  Really, the only change to Barrier as of June will be the power’s minimum range value increasing to 4.

In Bunker’s damage slot he has the use of Perplex, which currently allows him to be given a free action to modify any combat value of a target character by +1 or -1 until the beginning of your next turn.  A character using this power must be within 10 squares and line of fire to the target.  If the target character is damaged or healed, the effect of Perplex on that character ends immediately.  The only change we will see to Perplex come June is that the target character must now be within the character’s range value or a minimum of 6 squares.

With Bunker’s trait and the ability to use Smoke Cloud and Barrier he will be able to redesign the face of any map, providing cover for friendly characters or locking your opponents to specific areas.

On Bunker’s last three clicks he gains Leap/Climb, which allows him to be given a move action and move up to his speed value; this character can use Improved Movement: Elevated, Hindering, Outdoor Blocking, and Characters during this move action. When you give this character a close combat action, it may target a character regardless of the target’s elevation.  Like we have already seen, come June we get some changes.  Leap/Climb is still a move action; however, you no longer ignore characters you are adjacent to when you start your action and you would have to break away normally with an added +2 to your d6 roll.  During your move action you may move through squares adjacent to or occupied by opposing characters.

Bunker also gains the use of Barrier, Incapacitate, and Quake through a special power called Purple Fists.  We have already discussed Barrier but now let’s look at Incapacitate and Quake.

Incapacitate currently allows a character to be given a close or ranged combat action to make an attack that deals no damage.  If the attack hits, the target is given an action token.  Starting in June, Incapacitate also deals 1 penetrating damage if the target character already has 2 action tokens.  This will be very useful against characters that can use the Colossal Stamina combat ability.

There is also Quake, which is a close combat action where the character’s damage value becomes 2 and is locked.  Presently, your character makes a close combat attack that targets all opposing characters that this character can legally attack.  Each opposing character that takes damage from this attack is knocked back.  However, beginning in June each hit character is now knocked back 2 squares regardless of the damage they take thanks to the new definition of Quake in the 2013 Powers and Abilities Card.

With the overlap of Leap/Climb and Quake, Bunker could be devastating if he’s on top of or adjacent to elevated terrain.

Lastly Bunker has Willpower and Close Combat Expert.  Willpower allows Bunker to ignore pushing damage.  Close Combat Expert currently allows Bunker to be given a power action to make a close combat attack against a single target opposing character where you modify Bunker’s damage value by +2.  But starting in June, when you give the character a power action but before you make the close combat attack, you may modify the character’s attack or damage value by +2, or both combat values by +1.  No more wasting those bonuses from your resource dial.

Bunker is a Teen Titan all the way to sporting the team ability and keyword, all for just 89 points of Teen Titan value.

Bunker is a Unique figure (meaning you can only play one Bunker on your force) but will be a fun character to play during any DC HeroClix: Teen Titans release and will benefit greatly once the rules changes go into effect come June.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for more upcoming and exciting DC HeroClix: Teen Titans previews.  Until then, Shape Change for the win!