DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview

DC HeroClix Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Toyman!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Welcome back as we continue previews from Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, our next DC HeroClix set!  The holidays may be over but that hasn’t stopped the subject of today’s preview from dishing out new playthings for his campaign of crime!  We are pleased to welcome a villain who has clashed with Superman numerous times, Toyman!


Toyman comes into play at 81 points and has an array of keywords to help you build a themed team around him:  Injustice League, Legion of Doom, Superman Revenge Squad, and Scientist.  Additionally, Toyman has the Calculator team ability, which makes him a Wild Card.  Toyman also begins play with a trait appropriately titled, I Love My Toys!, and reads:

Characters with the Bear Icon icon are Toys.  Toyman may begin the game with 1 Toy attached to his base at no additional cost.  Toyman increases his defense value by 1 for each Toy attached.  Toyman can have up to 2 Toys attached.

We’ll discuss the various Toys that can be attached to Toyman momentarily.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at Toyman’s dial!

Toyman has Stealth on all but one of his clicks to prevent lines of fire from being drawn to him if they cross hindering terrain.  Defensively, Toyman has Mastermind on all but his last click as he transfers damage dealt to him onto a single adjacent friendly character with a lower point value.  On Toyman’s last click he has Regeneration, which allows him to potentially heal back to the top of his dial.

In the first three clicks of his damage slot, Toyman has the popular Outwit power, which allows him to use a free action to counter a power or combat ability on an opposing character.  On Toyman’s last two clicks is another popular power, Probability Control, which allows him to reroll a single die roll and ignore the original result.

At the heart of Toyman’s dial is a special power in his attack slot called Power Boost, which lets him use Perplex normally as a free action.  Additionally, Toyman can also use Perplex as a power action to modify the same combat value (except damage) of all friendly Toys on the map.

Now that we’ve seen what Toyman can do, let’s take a look at the single-click dials of some of his wonderful (yet deadly) Toys!

First up is the Airplane, which comes in at 15 points!099a-AirplaneAirplane, along with the rest of Toyman’s Toys, has the Toy keyword.  You’ll notice that Toyman doesn’t have the Toy keyword, which could be troublesome when trying to build a themed team around one of Toyman’s keywords.  This is addressed by the Mobile Toys trait, which is possessed by all the Toys.

Let’s break down the Mobile Toys trait.  The first sentence reads:

When you build your force, Airplane has all keywords possessed by a friendly character named Toyman.

Toyman doesn’t have the Toy keyword?  No problem!  Mobile Toys give Airplane the Injustice League, Legion of Doom, Superman Revenge Squad, and Scientist keywords when you build your force.  Moving on to the next two sentences:

Give Airplane a free action and attach it to an adjacent friendly #050 ToymanWhen attached, you may give Airplane a move action to detach and move on the map.

Nothing fancy here: Use a free action to attach Airplane to an adjacent friendly Toyman.  Use a move action to detach Airplane from Toyman and move it on the map.  The next sentence reads:

When on the map, you may give Airplane a move action as a free action if it is within and remains within 3 squares of #050 Toyman.

Once you’ve detached Airplane from Toyman, you can move it as a free action if is within and stays within 3 squares of Toyman.  The final sentence of Mobile Toys is unique to Airplane:

Airplane can’t use the Carry ability.

No rides on Toyman Airlines, unfortunately, as Airplane can’t Carry other characters!

Airplane also begins play with the Buzzing Blitzkrieg trait, which decreases the attack value by 1 of opposing characters for each Airplane that is attached to Toyman.  Got two Airplanes attached to ToymanToyman’s defense will increase by 2 because of the I Love My Toys! trait and opposing characters will see their attack values decrease by 2 when they target him with an attack, thanks to the Buzzing Blitzkrieg trait.

Moving on to Airplane’s dial, it naturally has the Flyer speed symbol and the Tiny Size damage symbol, which increases Airplane’s defense by +1 against ranged combat attacks and allows it to be carried by larger adjacent characters.  Each of Toyman’s Toys has the Tiny Size damage symbol.  Airplane also has a range of 4 squares and can target two characters when it makes ranged attacks.  Defensively, Airplane has Super Senses to potentially evade attacks on a d6 result of 5 or 6.

Finally, in Airplane’s attack slot is a special power called Mounted Machine Gun, which lets it use Energy Explosion to spread out damage to multiple characters.  Additionally, when Airplane is within 3 squares of a friendly character named Toyman, modify its attack value by +1.  Finally, when Airplane is KO’d, roll a d6.  On a result of 1 or 2, give all friendly characters named Toyman an action token.  This condition appears on each Toy’s special power.

Next up in Toyman’s arsenal is the Race Car!


Race Car is 22 points and has a trait called They Double as Roller Skates.  When Race Car is attached to Toyman, he can use Improved Movement to ignore characters when he moves.  Toyman’s speed value is also modified by +1 for each attached Race Car.

Energy Shield/Deflection occupies Race Car’s defense slot, giving it a +2 bonus to its defensive value against ranged attacks.  In Race Car’s speed slot is a special power called This Thing is FAST! which lets it use the Move and Attack ability.  However, if Race Car is within 3 squares of a friendly Toyman, it can use the Hypersonic Speed power instead.

Coming in at 17 points is the Cymbal-Banging Monkey!


Cymbal-Banging Monkey hits the battlefield with a trait called Distraction, which lets Toyman use Super Senses when Cymbal-Banging Monkey is attached.  This use of Super Senses only succeeds on a result of 6.  However, add 1 to your result for each attached Cymbal-Banging Monkey.

Combat Reflexes appears in Cymbal-Banging Monkey’s defense slot, giving it a +2 bonus to its defensive value against close combat attacks.  In Cymbal-Banging Monkey’s attack slot is a special power called Thunderclap.  If Cymbal-Banging Monkey ends a move action adjacent to an opposing character, it can use Quake as a free action.

Our next Toy is the cuddly (yet destructive) Teddy Bear!


Teddy Bear has a value of 14 points and a trait called Extra Stuffing.  This trait reduces damage dealt to Toyman by 1 for each attached Teddy Bear.  In the damage slot Teddy Bear has Shape Change, which potentially allows it to avoid being the target of an attack.

Finally, Teddy Bear has a special power in its attack slot called Hidden Explosives.  When you give Teddy Bear a move action and it is adjacent to an opposing character after actions resolve, Teddy Bear can use the Pulse Wave power as a free action with a range value of 6.  Teddy Bear is then KO’d after actions resolve. Last and certainly not least, the Teddy Bear is packed with Toyman in DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes five-figure boosters!

There’s one more toy in Toyman’s diabolical toychest found in the DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Organized Play kit.  Stay tuned for details on that last Toy (and more) soon!

Thanks for reading!  Join us next time as we reveal more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes set!  Don’t forget to put your toys away when you’re done playing with them!